Two Minutes with…Darren O’Day

It’s the debut of the “Two Minutes with…” daily spring series and who better to start things off than the always-interesting reliever Darren O’Day?

Here’s a quick, fun look at the right-handed pitcher away from the baseball field…

Favorite food: Whatever my wife is cooking. That’s brownie points for Valentine’s Day.

Favorite movie: Good Will Hunting

Hidden talent: Trivia. I am [really good]. I was on the Brain Bowl team in middle school. You should know that. Scholar bowl, brain bowl. High school, too.

If I wasn’t a baseball player I’d be…. A surgeon. Until my senior year of college [I wanted to be a veterinarian] and then I changed. I was actually going to go at the med school at the time, but I don’t know. Who knows?

Favorite offseason place: We went to Munich this offseason that was pretty impressive. Munich and Switzerland, just two cities interlocking. Last year we did London and Paris.

Prized possession: My dogs. No, that’s not a prized possession…I’m a pretty big tech guy so maybe my phone.

Several minutes later, O’Day comes back…

Put down my Solowheel as my prized possession. That has to be it.

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Nice idea. Looking forward to many more.

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