Os agree to sign Yoon

The Orioles have agreed to 3 year, 5.75 million contract with South Korean pitcher Suk-min Yoon pending a physical according to a Major League source.

The news comes a day after Yoon tweeted a picture of himself in an Orioles cap and is the first big move by Baltimore this winter.

The Orioles offseason has been inactive and caused a ton of bad publicity, particularly with a pair of physicals –in Grant Balfour and Tyler Colvin– voiding previous agreements and the organization will make sure everything is squared up with Yoon is reached before it becomes public.

Baltimore has yet to add a veteran starter that they badly needed and while Yoon would help with depth he’s certainly not the kind of big league grizzled innings-eater that fits the bill. Pitching in relief due to an injury last season, Yoon could be a starter or reliever for the O’s and went 3-6 with a 4.00 ERA and seven saves last season. His best pro season in South Korea was in 2011, when he went 17-5 with a 2.45 ERA.

MLB network’s Jon Heyman was the first to report the Yoon signing.


“Hello, Suk-min. Welcome to Camden Yards Oriole HQ and Medical Center. If you could slip into this orange gown, Dr. Angelos will be in to give you your physical in a few minutes.”

(Peter Angelos, in a lab coat, stethoscope around his neck, enters the room examining a clipboard. Johnnie and Looie, dressed as nurses, enter with him. He’s frowning ominously.)

“Hmmmm…. Hmmmm… Oh… I see… Hmmm…

“What is it, Pop? is that his x-ray?”

“No, his contract. Duquette wants to pay him WHAT?? What position does this guy play?”

“Um… pitcher… I… guess… Not sure.”

“Well, I’m not going to pay THIS much to a guy who plays every fifth day. Hello, Mister Moon, I’m Doctor Angelos, attorney at law, so naturally I’m an expert at pretty much everything. Please turn your head and cough. Thank you. Now, please pat your head and rub your stomach in a circle like this at the same time.”

(Yoon struggles with this.)

“I see. Thanks for coming by and good luck to you. Looie, get Duquette on the phone and tell him it’s a ‘no.’ WHEN are they going to send me a ballplayer who can pass a simple physical??”

3-6 with a 4.00 ERA? The O’s are shopping cheap again.

3 years at 5.75 million or 1.9 million a year. Sounds like a sure hall of famer to me. The physical may negate all that. There is a rumor that angelos conducted the phillies physical on chad gaudin and he failed.

The Orioles had interest in Gaudin, but saw the medicals. It happens everywhere, Jim.

Orioles miss out on Eric Bedard, signed by Rays. What a waste.

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