Jones said he’d woo Burnett if need be

Adam Jones isn’t worried about Baltimore’s quiet offseason, although the outfielder said Thursday night he will gladly make hospitality visits to help woo potential free agents.

“I’d reach out to anybody if need be,” said Jones who owns a home in Maryland and was in town to accept the 2014 Babe Ruth Museum Community Service Award. “I know [A.J.] Burnett lives here in Baltimore, somewhere close to me. I’d go to his house, I’d take him some steaks if need be. But it’s out of my hands. if you needed me to help, I’d help.”

Burnett, who technically lives in nearby Monkton, is one of several free agents pitchers the Orioles have interest in as the team is still looking to make a major move this winter. Jones, when asked what he would say to fans disappointed over the team’s quiet offseason, reminded reporters that the O’s didn’t do much last winter or the one prior and still have posted back-to-back winning seasons.

“I think we are getting better as a core, we just got to figure out the small pieces to make this engine run,” he said.

Jones is a big part of that core, coming off a career year and an All-Star season that also landed him a Gold Glove. His accolades off the field are just as impressive as Jones —a product of MLB’s RBI program growing up in San Diego— has been a fixture in the Baltimore community and dedicated countless resources to helping underprivileged youth.

The 2014 Babe Ruth Museum Community Service Award was created to honor Ruth’s memory by recognizing an active or former professional athlete or individual with ties to the Maryland sports community, who has demonstrated a strong devotion to Baltimore and the State of Maryland by giving back to the community.  Previous recipients include O.J. Brigance and his wife Chanda, Matt Stover, Edwin Mulitalo, Brian Roberts, Melvin Mora, Nick and Christina Markakis and the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation.

“It keeps getting better in terms of the recognition that I keep getting, for myself and my team, for the small things i try to accomplish off the field,” said Jones. “This is not about receiving awards, it’s about helping the youth and creating opportunities. Luckily, I’m in a position to do that.”

Jones, who got to hold one of Babe Ruth’s bats during the ceremony, signed autographs and took pictures with those in attendance for the annual, “Babe’s Birthday Bash” to celebrate the 119th anniversary of Ruth’s birth in Baltimore and commemorate the 100th anniversary of Ruth’s professional baseball debut in February 1914.

The evening included unlimited ballpark inspired food and beverages; a silent auction and appearances by local professional and amateur athletes, including former Orioles Al Bumbry, Tippy Martinez and Joe Orsulak.


Has Duquyette begged Adam yet to call and go to A J’s house to BEG him to take our confederate money yet??

Some will think this on the negative side, BUT
“We are trying to sign a starting pitcher but everyone else is in on same pitchers….” or words to the like. BUT other teams are going all in to get it done. “We are trying to get it done…” BUT Results are the TEST of efforts. Something is in the Abyss between Trying and Results with the Orioles. Is it the word Commitment?

They tried for Balfour and found a reason to say no after what
appears to be at least a Verbal Commitment IF passing a physical. It is reported by Kevin Millar the Orioles physical is the most difficult in MLB does it need to be the Most Difficult? Is this why at least some players may say the Orioles are throwing Confederate money around?Why would a player unless a Masochist want to anticipate signing with the Orioles IF the physical is not a pebble in the road but a a boulder?

They missed on Rodney. I am not sorry but another one of their misses. How many have they been tied to and missed this winter? Something is off or missing or not right in the organization approach. By the way I would not suggest I am a wizard to identify what is wrong in the Orioles Organization process or approach.

Burnett is not coming!!! Simple as that. Too many teams are in it. Too many reports he is an elephant and still smarting from before when he chose Toronto and the Orioles rebuffed him with the cheap confederate offer.. He will cost $15 mil plus for one year. This is not something Peter is going to okay. The Orioles should be able to recognize a 37-year-old arm having pitched, as many innings will show defects in a physical. So would A J require a lessening of the physical to sign if he would? I would.

Arroyo and the Diamondbacks from write-ups are deep in negotiations. The Orioles will not offer enough money and only 2 years with no option. So consider him gone!

Now we come to not the scrap heap but the dumpster. In order to say they did something I fully expect to sign from this pile.

MY Positive is STOP! Let us face the reality. The Winter Plan is shot and had holes in it before it was put on paper.

So let admit it. Let’s go to waiting for 2015 and the minor’s pitchers paradise we anticipate. Let’s admit we will not be signing Weiters and now maybe Davis.

Britt, no attempt is reported to sign Weiters to and extension with a Fully written and strong offer for and extension. Without this how can anyone suggest an offer is made? Same with Davis. The Orioles are dangling around the edges with the word Commitment. Are they “all in” on commitment or do they have their feet in different buckets with the direction they are walking?

Certainly would use Adam to recruit!!! He certainly would be more productive than “Dandy” Dan.

Even the Marines could not recruit a few good men for the Orioles. Their physical is more stringent than the Marines. If the Orioles decided to trade Wieters, what would they get back for him. See Jim Johnson trade.

Wieters, SCHMIETERS. They thought he’d be Mauer With Power, but he turned out to be Andy Etchebarren Without The Unibrow. And let’s be honest – If you were a free agent with ANY other opportunities, why would you come to the Orioles now? Believe me, “failing” (wink wink – nudge nudge) a physical does not RAISE your market value!

You have to wonder how many factors are against the Orioles in signing free agents. Their now highly publicized ‘stringent’ physicals; Peter Angelos’ unwillingness to spend money; aging pitchers looking for their last contract knowing its much easier pitching in the National League vs the American League East. The Yankees and Red Sox don’t have to make tough decisions like the Orioles. They have the money to overpay players every year and continue to reload every year without consequence. Must be easy to be in management in those organizations. In some ways I don’t blame the Orioles for not overpaying aging veterans who are one injury away from being ‘done’. But its a bit frustrating for O’s fans to be so close to making the playoffs knowing that no free agent looking for that last chance for postseason success will sign with the O’s knowing their chances are significantly minimized by the millions of dollars their division rivals will spend every year.

O’s management has two choices: 1) significantly overpay for aging veterans who ‘might’ help you and will cost draft picks, or 2) be patient and develop internally. I still think being patient is the way to go.

Add Matt Laporta to the list of never ending mediocre signings by the Orioles. 7th overall pick in 2007, in parts of 4 mlb seasons he is a .238 hitter. join the club.

At least with etchebarren the orioles won 2 world series and 4 american league championships. So i would not worry so much about what is done with wieters, get some quality starting pitching and a power hitting outfielder.

If Jones wants to woo Burnett, he’ll need to hop a train to Philly. WOO WOO!

The Orioles would have never paid Burnett 16 mill anyway.

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