Latest on the O’s and free agency: Yoon, Burnett, etc

Although Orioles executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette declined comment on the rumored interest in Suk-Min Yoon at Saturday’s FanFest, the club has extended an offer to the right-handed pitcher has confirmed.

Yoon, 27, is said to be coveted by at least five Major League clubs and the Scott Boras client is an intriguing international option in a free agent market with starters A.J. Burnett, Bronson Arroyo, Ervin Santana and Ubaldo Jimenez still available.

Duquette—who didn’t rule out the O’s signing of more than one pitcher before camp— expected the dominoes to fall this week in regards to the rest of the starters. Of that group, the Orioles are still leaning more toward Burnett and Arroyo to avoid sacrificing a draft pick and that pursuit -adding a durable, innings-eating veteran— is independent of the club’s interest in Yoon.

“I want to say this: We have some more work to do this offseason,” Duquette said this weekend. “We are going to see what we can do between now and when the season starts. If we can get the work done that we’ve been trying to get done, I think we will have a very competitive team.”

What would Yoon add? The Korean righty has a fastball in the low 90s and was a member of the Kia Tigers’ rotation until a shoulder injury last year moved him to the bullpen. It’s unclear what his role would be if he signing with the Orioles —who still haven’t named a closer since trading away Jim Johnson— although Yoon has fared well as a starter. He pitched 325 1/3 innings from 2011-12 and posted a 2.77 ERA for the Tigers over that span.

Yoon is the latest notable Asian pitcher on the Orioles’ radar, with the club signing the now-departed Tsuyoshi Wada and Wei-Yin Chen —who is still part of the rotation— under Duquette. Yoon is also being scouted by the Cubs, Twins and Giants —according to various reports— with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporting that the Rangers will watch the righty’s bullpen on Tuesday.

The Orioles offer to Yoon was first reported by the Baltimore Sun.


What an exciting off season, Thanks Pete and Dee Dee, Also, if Dan is a great baseball mind, why was he out of baseball for 10 years? Anyone?

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Wait, what’s that Korean pitcher’s name again…? Ha… I heard you joking around with Norris and Davis about this. Hilarious!

Then there was the soundbite of Danny Dukes blabbering about how the Orioles are not the sort of team that would (gasp!) go out and sign a good player through free agency — as if that’s something to brag about. He said the Orioles are going to develop their own, by golly! May I translate? ” Petey, Johnnie and Looie let me know that we’re cutting payroll this year. Franchise value is more important to them than winning, so that’s how we’re gonna roll as long as this ownership writes the checks. Look for us to sign more 28 year old career minor leaguers and 39 year old retreads. And we’ll pray the guys we drafted can somehow play in the bigs one day without hurting themselves. If you want to root for a winning team, I suggest you check out the Yanks or Red Sox.”

Goober, looking at some young starting pitchers. Kevin Gausman is 23 years old. Why should he not be ready to be in the rotation to open the season. Walker, Seattle is 21. Strasburg is 24 and has been in the rotation since 2010 except for 1 year on dl. Wacha is 22. Cole, Pittsburgh is 23. Matt Harvey is 24. Fernandez of Miami 22 and Teheran of Atlanta is 23. The Orioles probably are not going to sign anyone, or Burnett if they do will be a batting practice pitcher for power laden teams in AL. I have heard that Gausman has great stuff. What are the Orioles braintrust waiting for?. The rotation in my opinion has only one starter in Tillman that they can count on. Chen, Gonzalez and anyone else are 5 inning starters. Thee bullpen better be ready to toss a lot of innings. These are only my opinions.

the orioles signings this off season are an insult to the fans that support them. i’m staying home this season.

Joe, you are correct. I guess Duquette thinks Oriole fans are idiots. As i have said previously, Duquette is a total incompetent. He insults our intelligence. I fear as long as he is G.M. the Orioles will flounder in a division with three teams that are dedicated to winning and have excellent front offices. I have been an Orioles fan since the 1950’s and my only consolation is to recall the great teams of the 60’s to the early 80’s.

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we may as well go after Eric Begard

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