Machado on OD and relearning to run

Until he gets cleared to start playing, Manny Machado isn’t confident he will be ready for the Orioles’ Opening Day game on March 31.

First, the 21-year-old —who had a torn medial patellofemoral ligament repaired in his left knee— will essentially relearn to run with the hoping being that he will be cleared at his next appointment in approximately six weeks to start playing in spring games. Machado, who acknowledged mid-March is the earliest date he can take the field in a Grapefruit League game, was cleared to start easing into baseball activities on Friday and said it’s impossible to predict a return until then.

“Once I start playing I can give you a better, more or less, of an idea,” said Machado, who underwent surgery Oct. 14 and will now begin running outside, taking ground balls and hitting. “Not a full-go yet. It’s a process. Little by little, I’ll be able to get back out there. It was definitely good to hear some good news from the doctor.”

Machado also had video analysis done on a treadmill in Los Angeles on Friday, which broke down his stride and potential injury risks in the way he runs. Fixing that is a big part of his next phase in the rehab process and one that Machado acknowledged will be much harder mentally.

“It’s all muscle memory,” said Machado, who suffered the season ending injury landing awkwardly on the first base bag. “I’ve ran my entire life how I did last year and obviously I had two [knee] injuries in the past two years and that’s definitely not right. And from what I saw yesterday it’s a fix, it’s an easy fix but it’s something that’s more mental than anything else. it’s more of getting the right positioning and getting my gluteus and quads [involved].”

“Just getting my hips stronger and keeping it balanced, [keeping] my knee straight over my toes, that’s something where when I was cutting yesterday, it’s not much but just a little tap in that in the long run it might effect me some way or the other. So, it’s better now that I have time to fix it and correct it and get better.”

Machado was tested first to see if he was landing equally on each leg while running, which he passed, but when he was asked to cut and run or jump off a box, he was shown the video —which he called “phenomenal” — of some of the things he needs to work on this month.

“Now it’s a different rehab,” said Machado, who praised the work of his rehab guy in Miami and is still more than a month ahead of schedule. “I’m done with the rehab, it’s how soon can i get out there to a field and fix what I need to fix. It’s running to the base so when I step on that base my knee doesn’t buckle, it doesn’t go anywhere, it stays stable so my glutes can be working at the same time….it’s normal.”

So when can fans see the normal Machado —who won a Gold Glove and was an All-Star in his first full season— back out on the field?

“I cant give you a real answer, a timeline of when I’m going to be ready,” Machado said, just minutes after teammate Adam Jones predicted the 21-year-old would be in March 31’s season opener. “I’m only 3 1/2 months out of surgery and this takes 4-6 months…once I get out there I’m going to be playing every day. I’m not going to go out there and take a day off here or take a day off there just because my knee is aching or I don’t feel right. But I definitely do have the confidence now to go out there and know what I have to do to get better and get my strength right, which is the most important thing right now.”


Meanwhile, Doctor Petey Angelos, MD has seen the results of his physical and wants to cut him immediately. “We have no room on this team for people with any kind of injuries.”

Goober- enough with the nonstop negative comments about me, this blog and the Orioles. This is your warning. I understand you (and other fans) are frustrated –and rightfully so– but you just complain and criticize no matter what I write or link to. I’ve had enough of your input about me, my blog/ and your sarcastic comments about the Orioles. Take it elsewhere or I’ll simply block you from commenting. Thank you. –Britt

Britt, any comments that are made negatively should not be directed at you. You are only the messenger. You do your job very well. It is like criticizing the news person for reporting the news. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Thank you, Jim!

Britty, if you want to be thin skinned and humorless about this, go ahead and block me. Didn’t mean to make you cry. As for the Orioles, what’s NOT to be sarcastic about? They’re a joke — again! Here’s a team that emerged from the DEPTHS a couple years ago thanks to a nice core of players and, to a degree, Buck Showalter. They were truly only a handful of players away from being a true contender. But the team has totally squandered this opportunity by refusing to make the effort and accept the expense of acquiring players that can help them. It’s apparently team policy. Danny Dukes SAID so himself! I’m not supposed to be disgusted by that? Really?

Also, I have said NOTHING negative about your blog. I have NEVER criticized you as someone toeing the Oriole company line. Actually, you have been critical about the team when wanted and needed to be — unlike some of the shills over at WBAL radio. And if you recall, I shushed someone who WAS directly critical of your blog and defended you. Nothing against the site. I did say the message board on has a lot of apologists who cheerfully accept the Orioles’ current direction, and I find that extremely disappointing.

If I’m “guilty” of anything, I’ll admit I’ve said you say “you know” too much when talking on the radio. I know you must hate to hear (mild) criticism of that type, but it’s really obvious when you try to cut out the “you knows” and you sound so much better! (By the way, I’ve worked in major market radio and tv for years, so I’m not just some goofball off the street. I’ve been paid decent bucks to talk, and I was just trying to help, not offend. I’m sorry if I offended you, but you do sound a LOT better. Not that I’m taking credit or anything.)

That’s all I’ve got. You decide whether you want to boot me off. I’m okay either way. Cheers — “Goob”

Goober, I have read many of the comments on I laugh at some of the comments which are in defense of Duquette. So far in his stint with the Orioles he has been impotent as a G.M. If there is a more incompetent G.M. in baseball i can’t name him. I agree wholeheartedly with you that a competent G.M. would have tried to build on the 2012 team. He did nothing but sign a 4th outfielder at best, Nate McLouth. That’s when i turned sour on him. He has done nothing since to change my mind. This baloney about building from within is hogwash. This is like someone who has a 5 year plan. To all his defenders, the Orioles will suffer for his lack of effort or shear incompetence. Again, only my opinions, but I will stick by them.

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