Os sign a pair of international players

The Orioles added a pair of international players to the organization on Thursday, purchasing first baseman Carlos Diaz from the Mexico City Red Devils and free agent third baseman Jomar Reyes.

Diaz is a 17-year-old 6-2, 200-pound right-handed hitter from Baja California, Esenada, Mexico while Reyes, 16, is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

I’ll have on a conference call with international scouting director Fred Ferrerria and EVP Dan Duquette later.


I have a tough time understanding why no discussions or talk with Jason Hammel. He was our No. 1 just a year ago. If the Dodgers think he can be their 5th starter, I don’t think he should have any problem being in the O’s rotation since we have done little or nothing to add a bonafide “ace” to the staff.

Congrats to DD!! He has cleared off single A bench sitters now he’s searching internationally. Good Luck

Jason Hammel is 49-59 in his career with a 4.80 era. Just what the orioles need, another mediocre starter. He is no difference maker. The Dodgers would use him as a number 5 starter at best, if he indeed did made the rotation. Enough with the mediocre pitchers and position players the Orioles have wasted their time on. Bronson Arroyo would be ideal. Never on DL and he is a WINNER. This is all conjecture because I believe very little will be done. Signing a 17 & a sixteen year old won’t do much for some years, maybe a couple of little leaguers will be next.

who cares
gonzales news
2 days from now

Jason “Hammered” signs with the Cubbies. Good riddance. Now he can throw to pitchers several times a game so he can get his stats into a less laughable range. Would rather have Dorothy Hamill pitch for the Orioles. Hey, Petey, Johnnie, Looie, and Danny — See if Dorothy will take the Major League minimum.

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