Os sign Savastano to Minor League deal

The Orioles have signed Scott Savastano to a Minor League contract, the club announced on Friday.

The deal does not include an invite to big league Spring Training and the versatile 27-year-old will instead report to Mino League camp at Twin Lakes Park.

Savastano, who came from Seattle’s Minor League system, has played right field, left field, first base, second base, third base, shortstop, catcher and designated hitter. Savastano batted .235/.293/.328 in 58 games with Triple-A Tacoma in 2013, wih three homers and 20 RBIs. He has spent all six seasons of pro ball in the Mariners system.


Walk into Peter office. Tell him to call Dan. Tell him you want his check book. Go get Arroyo. Then trade Matt, with Matusz for a young stud pitcher from St Louis or Dodgers. Brian is going to be a difficult project to sign next year. He still thinks of himself as the stud just drafted.

No more subs and scrubs

While the rest of the American League East sign ballplayers “Dandy” Duquette continues to sign no-names under the theory that if you throw enough s–t against the wall some will stick!! Say it ain’t so! Boston went cheap but got a potential sleeper while DD gets possible single “A” bench-sitters. I hope Angelos is still proud of your heavy workload in uncovering this motley group!

Britt: Lets make your life a little easier. Only report to us when the Orioles make a significant move. These minor league signees and middle infielders to add bench strength just back log my e-mails.

Yeesh. Another 27 year old career Minor Leaguer. Business as usual. Go Yankees!

Britt, above it says to report to us major oriole movs. I that were the case, you would have nothing to report at all. I believe the Orioles have set a MLB record for inconsequential signings and trades. Keep your chin up Britt, there is always a chance to cover a real mlb franchise in the future.

One man’s “versatile” is another man’s “doesn’t play any one position well enough to make it to the big leagues, so he’ll play any position just to hang on.” Another scrub. Next!

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