Colvin deal is off

The Orioles deal with Tyler Colvin has fallen through. According to a tweet from CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman, the club found a back issue during Colvin’s physical and wanted to reduce the contract to a Minor League deal. While Colvin could end up signing with Baltimore later this winter, he remains a free agent for now.

This is the second time this winter a physical has caused the O’s to back off of a player. The club opted to not sign closer Grant Balfour after agreeing to a two-year, $15 million deal. Seth Levinson, Balfour’s agent, charged that his client was healthy and that the O’s had just decided against signing him. Validating his charge, Levinson cited the findings of two doctors who found nothing out of order after looking at an MRI of Balfour’s right shoulder. Balfour, who signed a two-year, $12 million deal with the Rays, indicated to reporters on Thursday that the rumors of a grievance filed against Baltimore could still be in play.

“It was a bit of a stressful thing, seeing that go down, knowing I was perfectly healthy,” Balfour said of the Orioles situation.




Oh, darn. Without Tyler Colvin, the Orioles have NO chance at that elusive .500 record they’re shooting for this year. Starting to wonder who is doing the Oriole physicals. Could it be Petey, Johnnie, and Looie themselves?? Maybe! Remember, they’re lawyers, and lawyers are Super Special People who know more about everything than anybody. They definitely know more about medicine than doctors. Just sit in on any malpractice trial and you’ll learn that in the first three minutes. Lawyers also know more than what Petey once referred to as his “so-called baseball people,” The examination of Colvin revealed that his body contained large quantities of bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons — ANY of which might be subject to injury! The deal was quickly thrown out. In an unrelated story, General Manager Dan Duquette complained that free agents are avoiding the Orioles as if they were offering “Confederate money.”

hey goober want a better blog? do you have one?

same old news everyday on this blog

I have not heard of any player, whether thru free agency or trade that have failed another team physical. I check transactions everyday. Orioles have toughest standards in mlb. Outside of Webb and Delmon Young all these offseason signings could have flunked physicals. Maybe duquette is offering confederate money.

two days ago……..

Hi Jack — Sorry, no time to launch my own blog, so I leave my mindless blatherings elsewhere.🙂 It’s not Brittany’s fault that the news from the Orioles is so dismal. The best we can do is have some fun commenting. I’m just so disappointed in the Orioles for not taking full advantage of the opportunity they NOW have to be a good team. Just need to fill a few critical holes, but they won’t do it! All they do is bring in career scrubs and retreads. They HAVE the money! Just don’t want to spend it because winning is not a priority here. It’s so obvious!

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