Os interested in Cust and Young

The Orioles have interest in outfielders Jack Cust and Delmon Young, both players who could potentially sign as non-roster invitees and join big league Spring Training.

The plan is for Cust and Young to work out at the organization’s mini-camp —which officially begins Tuesday— joining about a dozen players who reported to the Ed Smith Stadium for an early workout Monday in Sarasota, Fla.

Baltimore currently has eight outfielders, including non-roster invitee Quintin Berry, and are expected to have a platoon in left field this season. David Lough is likely one half of that.

Cust, who will be 35 later this week, last played in the Majors in 2011 and batted .213/.344/.329 with the Mariners. He spent 2012 in Triple-A, with both the Blue Jays and Yankee organizations, and did not play last season. He is best known for his time with the Oakland A’s, when he hit .247/.381/.457.

Young spent time with the Phillies and Rays last season, hitting .260/.307/.407 in 361 plate appearances. The 28-year-old has hit lefties well over his career, posting a 303/.341/.471 line, and would primarily be a part-time designated hitter candidate.



Ooh,ooh say it ain’t so!!Dandy Dan is busy trying to indicate he is signing ballplayers but all he is still signing those that even last place teams refuse to sign!! And this is supposed to placate the O’s fan base? When they finish last I pray the fans finally rise up and say “ENOUGH””– away with DD and Angelos!!

I agree wholeheartedly with comments above. Angelos and Duquette could be called dumb and dumber. The orioles better remember those 93 wins in 2012 because that total won’t be reached anytime in the foreseeable future. Duquette has been incompetent in his time as G.M. Pat Gillick has forgotten more than Duquette will ever know. After the 2012 season, he could have made moves to build on those 93 wins. All that was done in that off season was to resign Nate McLouth. BIG DEAL. During the regular season, he traded for Feldman, who has not had a good season since 2009 and Norris who is also a back end rotation guy. Dandy Dan, see above, has signed a load of triple a out fielders and hopes he can come up with a diamond in the ruff. Fat chance. Duquette’s grade for this off season is a big red F. Good luck Oriole fans.

Jim, you must not be reading the Message Boards on Orioles.com. LOTS of the people on there are thrilled with the career minor leaguers and aging retreads our dumpster diving team is bringing in! They are so very proud of how the Orioles are leading the way in showing other teams how they can hold the line of spending. Clearly, ownership and front office have figured out that most fans here are very satisfied with mediocrity, so why should they spend?? To Petey, Johnnie and Looie, every dollar they spend is one less dollar they get to keep. Contending for the playoffs means nothing to them compared to that “bottom line.”

Goober, you are so on target. Oriole fans should boycott. I may hate the Yankees, but give the devil his due. They had a list of what was needed and for the most part they have tried. All may not come to fruition, but at least they know you need to spend to win.

A boycott or protest would never take hold. Just read the Oriole message board. Listen to the talk shows. So many of the Baltimoron fans are perfectly okay with what the team is doing. Meanwhile, the Yanks signed Tanaka. He wasn’t cheap, but hey, he was 24-0 last season in Japan. Wow. I say it over and over — Spending does not GUARANTEE you will win, but NOT spending guarantees you will NOT win.

Goober, again you have grasped the situation. I don’t adhere to frivolous spending, but wise spending. The oriole front office will never grasp the concept that they are in the same division as the Yankees, Red Sox and the Rays. The first two teams are major players, and to compete with them you have to play the game. The Rays do not spend as much, but their farm system consistently turn out excellent pitching prospects. So in my opinion, the Orioles are just treading water. Any way, maybe those Angelos and Douquette deciples will someday get it.

see Rays signed Balfour. wonder if he will pass physical?

Oh, he’ll pass. Hilarious rumor of the day had Fernando Rodney going to the Orioles. What many don’t realize is Rodney already played for the Orioles under the name of Pedro Stroop. Crooked Hat Boy #1, meet Crooked Hat Boy #2, Two goofy pitchers who can throw 150 mph, but have no idea where the ball is going. It’s funny that the Rays let Rodney go so they could replace him with Balfour. Draw your own conclusions!

Goober, i guess the rays are smarter than the orioles. Don’t forget, Rodney shoots the arrow thru the air.

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