Orioles have been unusually quiet this offseason

A good read from my MLB.com colleague Anthony Castrovince on the Orioles moves (or really lack of) this offseason…

It seems safe to say this was not the sort of winter Orioles fans wanted or expected.

Not on the heels of the organization’s return to relevance. While 2013’s outcome fell short of October, the 85-win effort did prove Baltimore’s 2012 breakthrough was no fluke.

Alas, while appearances tend to be deceiving this time of year, the O’s appear to have gone a bit backward, waving goodbye to Scott Feldman, Brian Roberts, Nate McLouth and Jim Johnson and countering those losses with the decidedly unsexy additions of guys like Jemile Weeks, David Lough and Alexi Casilla. 

It’s not that there isn’t value in the speed and defense Lough can add to the outfield or the middle-infield insurance Casilla brings to the bench. It’s just that, in the rather abusive relationship that accompanies residency in the American League East, where the Yankees are throwing money at every problem and the Red Sox are defending world champs and the Rays look like they’re keeping David Price and improving elsewhere, the Orioles’ moves don’t register high on the radar.

So, yes, a measure of moaning on the part of those who expected to see the O’s make a splash — particularly in an unsettled starting rotation — is understandable.

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Orioles have not really been quiet. they have signed quantity but no quality. Buck showalter says this is best group of outfielders has has had since he arrived. Outside of Markaikis and Jones, all are triple a at best. Buck can really spin it. The Orioles grade for the last two off seasons has been abysmal.After the 2012 season, duquette should have made the moves to add pieces. All that was done was the resigning of Nate McLouth, a minor move at best. The acquisition of Feldman was no great move, since he was 4 years out from a fifteen win season and had not been close since. Norris is a Houston reject, his trade opened up chances for other young Astro prospects. The rotation as it stands has only one starter that can be counted upon. Chen and Gonzalez can’t pitch more than 5 1/3 innings. Norris no better. Bundy iffy with injury. Gausman should be ready, but with teams track record, see Arrieta and Britton. I fear the Orioles may be a fourth or fifth place team. Thank heaven for Blue Jays.

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