Os resign Gamboa and Clark to Minor League deals

The Orioles resigned right-handed pitchers Eddie Gamboa and Zach Clark to Minor League contracts, the club announced on Tuesday night.

The pair of knuckleballers were both converted last season in Baltimore’s Minor League system. Gamboa, 29, will be in Major League Spring Training while Clark will be at Twin Lakes Park with the Minor League camp. Gamboa went 3-4 with a 2.64 ERA in 11 starts in the Mexican League this winter and was added to the club’s 40-man roster only to be non-tendered shortly after that.

Clark appeared in one game for the Orioles in May and was with the team for a brief four-game stint. The UMBC product made the switch to the knuckle ball after he was sent back down to the Minors.


this is a horrible off season for the Orioles. How would rate this off season D- . Signing minor league players and middle reliever pitchers and utility players and NOT fulfilling some NEEDS like a Starting Pitcher, DH, or another bat is quite disappointing. But I guess nobody seems to care. Your thoughts??

Brian- I commented in length on this topic in one of my previous blog posts (I think it was the “Happy Holidays” one), but I agree it’s been a massive disappointment. –Britt

Britt: Thanks for the response back. I must of missed that one. I read all your posts, but I guess that one slip through the holiday spirit. In my opinion it just seems the Orioles have became a cheaper franchise in the AL East without the farm system as Tampa. Looks like they are relying on Bucks magic again. I guess the front office did not remember the 15 years of losing baseball

When their ONLY news is minor league signings, you can bet not much is going to be done to build a contending Major League team. Hmmm, just like last year! Line those pockets, Petey, Johnnie, and Looie.

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