Happy Holidays

I’m using up a few vacation days the rest of the week, so this blog and my Twitter account will be pretty slow. (Insert your own joke about the Orioles’ offseason being the same here.)

As usual, any news will still be on Orioles.com –including the  recent reports that Brian Roberts is a Yankee– and I’ll have some holiday/year-end content closer to the end of the month.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Thank for reading and following along this year.


Hopefully you’ll spend some of that time down here in Sarasota. Very sunny here, a little cool for Sarasota this morning but it should reach 70 or so. Enjoy your time off!

Britt, what’s your take on the Brian Roberts to Yankees?

By the time you get back nothing new will be added. But maybe more will be gone.

Thank’s Britt. Truly enjoy reading your posts. Happy Holidays. Mike Trott Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 15:22:18 +0000 To: 225mtrott@msn.com

Hey, while you’re off, and hopefully working on your speaking technique (the rapid-fire monotone and “you knows”), maybe cut down on how often you use the words “guy” and “guys.” You’d be amazed at how much you overuse those words. You can say “players” sometimes instead of always saying “guys.” Get a recording of any recent segment of yours on 105.7 The Fan and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Just helpin’….

And maybe you could use some Chrstmas Cheer.

Brittnay is just friendly and normal in her speech patterns. I am sorry we are not as perfect as you.

Merry Christmas

And a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. Thank you for keeping us informed and congratulations on your award winning blog.

Merry Christmas. I look forward to continuing to read your stories and hearing you on 105.7. Ignore the rude jerk above, you’re great.

Hey, I don’t care if she ignores me. No skin off my butt. If the young lady wants to expand her career beyond internet blogging, she’ll take my advice. I’m not being the least bit rude or mean about it.

And yeah, I’m a veteran broadcast professional myself. Are you?

If you want to speak on radio or TV, there’s a way to do it if you want to get those gigs. “Friendly and normal” won’t cut it, if that means mumbling and peppering your speech with “you know” every sentence. The talk show callers do that, and that’s more than enough.


Happy Holidays. Britt, bring us some good news.

Britt, Honest question here. Can people like you report on Orioles finances without retribution? The O’s have shed over 30 million in salary, all teams get an additional 28 million in new TV and internet contracts. Yeah some guys will get raises, but we all just accept that the O’s have no money, and it is never mentioned. I am new to the blogs, is it just old news, bloggers don’t think it is newsworthy or you just cant?

Hi Ken- I think it’s clear the Orioles can spend more money than they have so far this offseason, and that there’s some kind of payroll in place from up above. What that figure is and how much money the Orioles are making versus operating costs is something I’m not privy to, but I do know that it’s unfair to say all the extra money each team is getting should automatically factor into payroll. Should a portion of it? Absolutely. But the O’s have shown at least a willingness to explore long-term contracts with their players and they have several more (Davis, Hardy, Wieters, Tillman, even Machado) where that could come into play and they would obviously need money for that. The bottom line is I believe this offseason has been a failure so far and they can spend more than $100 million payroll-wise. But complaining/writing that they aren’t spending any money –compared to pretty much everyone else in baseball– is more of the fan’s job than the beat reporters who cover the team daily. Organizations like Oakland and Tampa Bay have eliminated the excuses about money and I’m not a columnist, so generally I like to keep my opinion out of things I write on here and Orioles.com. I do opine a bit more on the radio and TV. Hope this helps clear some things up. Happy New Year! –Britt

Nicely answered. You do a great job. And kind of timely with something Roch as this morning on the 2013 roster and the needs for improvement.

It was rather succinct with description. Very well put but for the one thing though I would like to have seen the numbers and explanation wiith what we have on the books now/ currently for roster players? Does adding these fringe players support the improvements that are needed?
I see in your comments you suggests this winter has been a failure . I have read Roch’s and Steve’s comments and without the explicit statement they too have found this winter dismal. This leaves me with the free agents remaining and their lack of impact on the areas we need improvement to suggest we are in a conundrum. The front office
1. Has seriously under estimated the market and the plan was disrupted with no backup for such an event.
2. The plan was seriously disorganized and was without a direction to solve the improvements needed.
3. The plan all along was to not seriously participate and follow the path of our players and minors to fill needs.
Other than trades I see nothing going to happen. Even with trades nothing significant can happen for this team to improve since the top pitchers in our minors are generally off the market unless someone wants to blow us away (overpay). I agree with this on our top pitchers. We have paid dearly in time waiting for their development. I for one want to reap the benefit of that investment.
IF we have been following the course of waiting for the minors development than we too must be planning to use the $70 mil (I estimate free) to sign the extension for Hardy, Davis and maybe Wieters.
Salaries 2013 $92 mil
Roster at this point 50 mil
50% of added TV revenue 13mil
Dan and ownership statement budget would increase ($110 mil?) 18 ml
Estimate of balance to spend $73 mil

IF the extension are not to be done than we are left with one thought. Come July we will see Wieters, Davis and hardy traded to get young talent for the development. ANOTHER “BUILD”.

Your write-up forces me to pose these questions and look for answers. As you will see I am left befuddled and bewildered about who the Orioles are to be . The design is hidden from my view.
What are we doing to improve?
What is the direction for the improvement?
How much of the decision points was Buck involved? This does not look like the Buck we have heard comments from and his history.

would very much like a response to KLs q. as well. When you get a chance that is, enjoy your vacation.

Anyone who is in a position of having to answer to Oriole ownership and management, either directly or indirectly, will be required to praise the Orioles for holding the line on salaries and not getting involved in “insane bidding wars” for “greedy free agents.” These people are also expected to be extremely excited about the signings of 26 and 27 year old career minor leaguers, since these players are such bargains and JUST MIGHT realize that potential they have not yet realized their entire lives. Does that help?

Britt, also didn’t want to start my replies on your blog with something that is uncomfortable, but It makes little sense to me that nothing is even said. A colleague of yours says that this is all we can do as we are small market. Yet Forbes ranks the Os as the second most profitable team in baseball. Until I stumbled on that article, I never heard that, and all I do is listen to sports talk and look at blogs.

There is a big difference between not being able to afford it and just not wanting to.

Hi Goober. No, that doesn’t help. You’re voicing a reasonable suspicion. It’s a suspicion that I think Ken and I share, but its still just guesswork. I want a response from Britt (assuming she’s allowed to respond), that gets at the initial question here. Does she feel pressure or is she explicitly barred from reporting on budget/finance? That this information isn’t forthcoming doesn’t automatically mean the answer to those questions is “yes”. Britt could just be really busy, she could think that most fans don’t care to know the information, or she might not have the necessary sources to confidently state where the budget/finances are.

If you read my response above, I’m not praising their moves this winter. Nor have I in any article. I’ve quoted what they’ve said, but -by all accounts- this offseason has been a failure so far.

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