Markakis on leading off, his power numbers & the Johnson trade

Nick Markakis, Orioles leadoff hitter?

It could happen in 2014, with manager Buck Showalter saying at last week’s Winter Meetings that Markakis is the club’s leading in-house option should the organization not sign or trade for a leadoff hitter.

“That’s the first time I’ve heard of it,” Markakis said on Tuesday at the OriolesREACH Holiday Party for Kids at Dave & Busters in Hanover. “No mention of it, but if that’s what’s got to happen, that’s what’s got to happen to make the team better and the organization better. It is what it is and we’ll address that situation if it comes up.”

“I like it because, nine times out of 10 on the road, you’re going to get five at-bats. I like the extra at-bats, especially when you’re feeling good. Getting that extra at-bat helps. It’s a different position, but I liked it. I enjoyed it.”

Markakis has spent time in the leadoff spot before, posting  a career 329/.375/.441 line in 88 games. Ideally, the Orioles would like to add a leadoff man, but they’ve got a lengthy to-do list and there’s no guarantee. As for Markakis, he was able to start working out earlier than in winters past and said he’s about a “couple extra weeks to a month” ahead of where he’s been.

“I feel good, I feel healthy,” Markakis said, coming off a 2013 season in which he posted career-lows in numerous offense categories including a 685 OPS (on base percentage plus slugging) in 160 games. Markakis spent the winter prior to that season recovering from a broken thumb, his third surgery in the 2012 calendar, and was slowed with a neck issue in Spring Training.

“A lot went on the past year as far as injuries and stuff,” he said. “I got myself in as best of shape as I could in the time I was given. It was a tough year for me, but I was able to make it through healthy. That’s your main goal at the beginning of every season. It was productive to some points, and some points it wasn’t productive.”

Markakis’ declining power numbers have been a hot topic among Orioles fans and it’s a facet of his game he was asked about again Tuesday.

“I guess going back to it, yeah, you can say it [needs to improve], but my main thing is I want to be healthy and I want to get stronger,” Markakis said. “I’m on my way to doing what I want to do right now. So, I’ve just got to keep doing what I’m doing.”

Is Markakis motivated to put the 2013 season behind him?

“I don’t necessarily need the motivation,” he said. “I do this because I love doing it, and the love and appreciation I have for the game. That’s enough for me to, I guess you could say, be motivated. I’m always excited to work and get better at the game any way you can.”

The Orioles haven’t done much to get better so far this winter, with a few smaller moves and the trading away of closer Jim Johnson, a deal that shocked Markakis

“Jim’s a guy who’s been here his whole career, ,e was drafted by this team. I played through the Minors with him and my whole career with him,” Markakis said.  “We had something a little more special than a lot of the players.

“Speaking for all the players, yeah, Jim was a great guy to have in the clubhouse. His work ethic and what he does translates on the field. If you’re an Oriole fan, you saw what he did the past two years. It’s a tough one to bite, but this is baseball and anything can happen. That’s the business aspect of it.”

The Orioles are still looking for a replacement for Johnson, with nothing new on the club’s quest to land free agent Grant Balfour on Monday afternoon as negotiations continue to drag on. The O’s have been viewed as the favorite to land the fiery right-hander and are also in need of a designated hitter, left fielder and rotation help.

They’re also kicking around the idea of resigning Brian Roberts.

“I’ve talked to him here and there, but no talk about his future or anything,” Markakis said of Roberts. “I’m sure they’ll get that worked out.”

As the longest-tenured active Oriole, Markakis said he isn’t worried about the team’s slow offseason and preached patience.

“There’s still a lot of time left between now and the beginning of the season,” he said. “That’s why Buck and Dan [Duquette] and those guys up there do what they do. Those are the things we don’t have to worry about. We’ll get it done and we’ll be talking differently probably in April.”


Well NM is a “spray-hitter”!! He better learn to sacrifice( not a talent he has shown before) The O’s are spending a lot of $ for a lead off spray-hitter. Angelos/Duquette duo aren’t normally into spending–must be something about Markaikis and Angelos?

I would think Brian Roberts would give the Orioles a hometown discount since the Orioles paid him for 3 years and he only played in 150 games for those 3 years.

This might of been the WORST off season in a long time for the Orioles. How frustrating for fans to hear a salary dump for Jim Johnson, but will need to pony up 10 or 11 million for Grant Balfour, the SAME amount of $$$ they did not want to pay Jim Johnson. Signing nobody but middle relievers, utility players and minor leaguers. I do not expect the O’s to open their wallets like Yankees, Red Sox did or Toronto did last year, but it is too much to ask to sign somebody I have heard of or at least played in the Major Leagues for the past few years. The Orioles need starting pitching, and DH, and other things ……..

Getting better through attrition. That seems to be Duquette’s motto.

I know Angelos wants to cut costs!! Why not fire D.Duquette and Markaikis and SELL the O’s!!

Why would Petey, Johnnie and Looie sell the team? They’re making money hand over fist! And they figured out they don’t have to spend enough to WIN if they want to make a fat profit. Why should they?

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