Balfour update

Orioles executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette said earlier this week the organizations would be willing to go multiple years on a free agent pitcher in the right scenario.

And while the club has extended a two-year contract to Grant Balfour, the sticking point in negotiations regarding the free agent closer —who will turn 36 at the end of the month— so far has been the length of the deal.

Industry sources confirmed to on Thursday that Balfour has several offers on the table and the Orioles, who have been heavily rumored to land the right-hander all week, still believe they are in a favorable position to land him.

Duquette acknowledged on Wednesday that the organization had made several offers to free agents, including starters, relievers and at least one left-handed hitter and the O’s remain optimistic they can start to address those needs quickly following an uneventful Winter Meetings.

Balfour went 1-3 with a 2.59 ERA in 65 games for the A’s last season, pitching 62 2/3 innings and compiling 38 saves. The Orioles, in need of a closer after trading Jim Johnson earlier this month —because they were unwilling to pay a salary of more than $10 million to him— would try to reallocate that money with a deal that comes in at an average annual rate less than that.

The Australian native has 10 years of big league experience, the past three with Oakland and the four prior to that with Tampa Bay. Balfour made his debut with Minnesota in ’01 and owns a career 28-17 record with a 3.27 ERA in 463 games, over 473 innings.

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Hey, Brittany, got a question for ya. We hear you on 105.7 The Fan in the mornings. When you first started doing the radio segments, we called you Brittany You-Know-Li, because you mumbled in this sort of rapid-fire monotone, and said “you know” every two seconds. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, like you had been taking speech lessons, you stopped mumbling, you slowwwed down when speaking, and almost completely cut out all the “you knows.”

Now recently, the old habits have been creeping back in. You are back to the rapid-fire monotone and your “you know” frequency is as high as ever. Maybe you need to call back whoever helped you before. I know you are mainly a writer and not a talker, but if you want to be on the radio, you need to be a tad more listenable.

Just sayin’.

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