Orioles have an offer on table, but not to a closer

For the Orioles on Tuesday there was plenty of smoke, but no fire. Despite the frenzy of rumors in the morning involving the Orioles adding closer Grant Balfour, executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette confirmed there has been no formal offer extended to the free agent.

“A lot of speculation has been way beyond the activity,” Duquette said of the rumblings involving his club.

“We did make some progress [in regards to free agent pitchers] in that we have a pretty good idea what the market is there, but we have a lot more work to do. We have a lot more work to do to actually build our pitching staff.”

Duquette said the Orioles do have an offer out—but it’s not to a closer— and any speculation that the club has or is close to a deal is “not accurate.”

The Orioles, who spent a good chunk of the day going over preparations for the Rule 5 Draft, also ramped up efforts to secure a left-handed hitter on Tuesday. Duquette said they are looking at trade scenarios and free agents and the Marlins’ Logan Morrison —along with a few other Miami outfielders— and free agent Jason Kubel are two names that they’ve been tied to.

The O’s have also been linked to numerous free agent starters, including Ubaldo Jimenez and Ervin Santana, and Duquette said he’d be willing to beyond two years in the right situation.

“I guess it depends on the pitcher. What the price is and what the risk is,” he said. “I think you have to look at each one closely and see if it works for your team.”

The Orioles did officially add a pitcher Tuesday, with reliever Ryan Webb passing his physical and agreeing to a two-year pact. Besides the Rule 5 Draft, the Orioles remain optimistic they will leave with another player before departing Orlando on Thursday.

“We are working on a couple pitching options, hopefully we will be able to do some good there,” Duquette said.

In addition to Balfour, the Orioles remain interested in Chris Perez and John Axford for their closer opening.



Thanks Britt. UBALDOMORE would be perfect for the O’s. Along with Balfour & Choo. Then add B-Rob and then you are aloud to start printing the playoff tickets.
» Omazing

AAAA Player? Again, we’re interested .. until we find out how much these guys want. Orioles Cheap ways

Right now Royals 87m payroll Orioles 80m. Do i really need to say anything more?

LF/CF, Left-Handed, Dominican, Alejandro De Aza is now expendable with Adam Eaton coming over according to Jon Heyman.

Very good hitter against LHP (we were 27-26 vs LH)
.302/.355/.460/.815 vs LH this year

2013 Overall:
17 HR, 20 SB, 160 H, 84 Runs, 50 BB, 27 2B this year.

Career Splits:
vs RHP: .273/.334/.408/.742
vs LHP: .276/.342/.408/.750

Career as a LF:

Career as a Leadoff (1253 Plate Appearances):
.271/.335/.406/.741 – 305 Hits, 47 SB, 96 BB

or Batting 2nd (101 PA):


Career – High Leverage Situations:

Career – Extra Innings:

Career Bases Loaded: 9 for 22 .409/.414/.591/1.005 – 1 Grand Slam

21 Hits for 57 At Bats: .368/.379/.561/.941 – 2 HR, 1 Triple, 3 Doubles

Hmm!! Aren’t you tired on reporting on so many BIG names? KC, Seattle,Washington don’t sound like big market teams to me– but they are signing good ballplayers. Guess DD wasn’t aware of those players.

with all due respect, Britt, you say that the bullpen is a priority for the O’s, but how do they explain how that priority meshes with getting rid of JJ, who’s only had 50 saves in each of the last 2 seasons? the O’s have made one of the worst roster moves I can remember in making this deal, period!! they don’t know who the closer will be, it’s not going to be Balfour, according to you, so who will it be? closer by committee? Dan D didn’t think this through at all!! this is a bonehead move, pure and simple!!

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