Orioles agree to a two-year deal with Webb

The Orioles continued to revamp their bullpen on Friday morning, with an industry source confirming the club has reached an agreement for a two-year dal with right-hander Ryan Webb.

Webb, whose signing was first reported by Grantland, was non-tendered somewhat surprisingly by the Marlins earlier in the week as the club decided to not pay him $1.5 million next season. With Baltimore, Webb –pending a physical–will make $4.5 over two years as the O’s try to upgrade a bullpen that couldn’t sustain 2012’s success.

Webb is a solid setup man gets a lot of ground balls and he posted 2.91 ERA  in 66 innings for the Marlins in 2013. The 27-year-old owns a career 3.29 ERA in 276 innings and joins an O’s relief corps that includes late-inning relievers Darren O’Day and Tommy Hunter. Baltimore, which traded away closer Jim Johnson on Monday, is still in the market to add a closer.

The O’s are also expected to make the deal for former Giants outfielder Francisco Peguero official on Friday. Peguero will get a Major League contract.


On the Orioles plight to make a deal with free agents and trades
1. Without including Gausman, Bundy and some of the other young pitchers we probably will not make a significant trade for a number one starter. I do not think it wise to use them as bait now either. Though we have some we are not yet loaded as you may see with Dodgers, Atlanta, Washington, Cardinals,… farm systems
2. On deals unless we can extend Matt and Davis we need to re-think our posture for the 2014 campaign. I do not believe we should wait to extend. Their value diminishes as a result of being in the year of free agency. Too IF Davis does not have a Good year (not 53 home runs repeat) his value draws down further. So I am currently looking at the Primary Core as Adam, Tillman, Manny and hopefully Davis. I have totally given up on Matt. Davis and Wieters are trade bait without extension NOW. Add to this Brian Matusz. I think he may want to be a starter enough to leave testing free agency. Too I have read he does not take coaching as well as we may like. He has some good value packaged correctly. Now for the Mortal Sin I will commit. IF we are not going to be ready until 2015 JJ hardy is needing to be traded now too.
I am not giving up. I am Punting as in football to gain filed position for the touchdown drive in 2015 and 2016 with our youth.

3. Signing free agents should be done IF possible for a 2-3 year period with money front loaded to trade later when our people are ready. By unloading Matt and Davis more money is available for signing temporary players like Beltran, Arroyo, Feldman, Axford,…. I Would not sign these IF we do not trade Matt and Davis without extensions. We are doing a Win Now and pay for it with 14 years later. Build a solid foundation. We ar not far. A little more patience and time.

With what I am suggesting we would be giving up our first round draft choice while making it up 5 fold IF I am correct in value in trades for our people. We would be competitive and entertaining. We have a couple significant holes to fill Catcher and shortstop for 2014. I do not think Manny will be completely ready or himself in 2014. This is a more serious injury than most are letting on for total recovery. I do not like the cost for the marketplace. It is out of control and without perspective on real value.

Seattle is.NOT a large market team!! However they can afford large $ trades/contracts &the O’s can’t ? Is it not true that the Angelos/Duquette duo will NOT spend? The best trades the O’s made were under MacPhail !! We have a good field Mgr. but we have to keep our good players and trade marginal ones [ie Markaikis] while adding good players. A successful corporation like a baseball team MUST spend to remain relevant-if not willing to spend sell the franchise and make room for WINNERS!!!

Very Succinct. On point and correct “IF” Plan A is to be make major move now for a win now mode. I still am not sure this is the approach. Unfortuantely I think the organization is still waiting for the youth from the minors and trying to have the Book Cover of a competetive team. This is know as the middle ground approach. I am one that thinks you need to COMMIT one method ( All in win now) or (All in wait for the youth). Middle ground expensive in wasted dollars and fan support.

I will give you an answer to where we are today
1. Gone Feldman, Mojica,…….As these signing are indicating $10 mil for atarter is the market today. No I was not a Feldman fan. Glad to see he used Hughes as his guage for value. Hughes is the joke for value have been ineffective and hurt.This said how do we expect Santana or likes of Jiminez to sign?
2. Offense is looking to cost $15 mil per year with a minimum of 3 years as market position. This said how does anyone think they would sign Beltran,…. ?
3. Wieters WILL NOT SIGN EXTENSION. Tghis leaves us to find out IF Davis will sign.

If the above is true what choices es do we have. Trade and go for youth is the viable and value choice. Trading Wieters, Davis Hardy and Markekis will render a significant pool of serious talent. The money we would not be paying would need to be shied with some to get the players to balance a trade.
I see no alternative. This is not throwing in the towel. This is Punting in football and choosing to go for the touchdown the the next chance.

Time to look at the situation through Clear Glasses and Accept what our One Valuable Choice Is!!!

One last thought. I did not want to vent BUT
What does he mean we are not the New York Yankees./ Does he mean we are a 3rd class citizenry?

He cannot beg off with the value of the marketplace statement. That comment was personal. Maybe if he feels this way he should consider himself a 3rd class owner!!!!

I was not going to do this but the lack of commitment by the ownership (co-owners as well and maybe particularly) is tiresome.

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