Orioles 2014 Spring Training schedule

The Orioles have announced their 2014 Spring Training schedule, which you can find below. All home games will be played at Ed Smith Stadium. Note: SS denotes a split-squad game.

 Date                  Opponent                               Location                           Time

February 28       at Tampa Bay Rays               Port Charlotte                  1:05

March 1              Toronto Blue Jays                  Sarasota                           1:05

March 2              at Boston Red Sox                 Fort Myers                       1:35

March 3              Minnesota Twins (ss)             Sarasota                          1:05

March 4               at New York Yankees            Tampa                             1:05

March 5                at Minnesota Twins              Fort Myers                     1:05

March 6                Tampa Bay Rays                    Sarasota                        1:05

March 7              Philadelphia Phillies               Sarasota                        1:05

March 8              at Boston Red Sox (ss)            Ft. Myers                      1:05

Boston Red Sox (ss)                                      Sarasota                              7:05

March 9                Pittsburgh Pirates (ss)             Sarasota                     1:05

March 10              at Pittsburgh Pirates               Bradenton                  1:05

March 11              Boston Red Sox (ss)                 Sarasota                     1:05

March 12             Philadelphia Phillies                 Sarasota                      1:05

March 13             at New York Yankees (ss)         Tampa                         1:05

March 14              at Minnesota Twins (ss)           Fort Myers                 1:05

March 15              New York Yankees (ss)             Sarasota                     1:05

March 16              at Toronto Blue Jays                 Dunedin                      1:05

March 17              at Philadelphia Phillies (ss)      Clearwater                 1:05

Minnesota Twins (ss)                                    Sarasota                                7:05

March 19               Tampa Bay Rays                       Sarasota                      1:05

March 20               at Pittsburgh Pirates               Bradenton                   1:05

March 21               Atlanta Braves (ss)                  Sarasota                       1:05

March 22               at Tampa Bay Rays                 Port Charlotte              1:05

March 23               Pittsburgh Pirates                   Sarasota                        1:05

March 24               Boston Red Sox                       Sarasota                        1:05

March 25               at Minnesota Twins                Ft. Myers                       1:05

March 26               at Tampa Bay Rays (ss)          Port Charlotte               1:05

at Boston Red Sox (ss)                                  Fort Myers                              7:10

March 27                 Tampa Bay Rays                    Sarasota                         7:05


Not a very good schedule. The Yankees come to Sarasota once and it’s a SS! Boston twice with one also being a SS. Atlanta here is a rarity and lo and behold a SS also!
Check Stub Hub because my front row seats will be available for a lot of games.

Pretty sad they can’t make the 3 hour trip over here to the other coast to play the Cards, Marlins, or Mets. There are plenty of O’s fans over here too!

If anymore teams leave Florida for Arizona remaining teams will have to start doing cross state travels for variety. Fortunately Gov Scott is doing something about it but it comes down to the local politicians to upgrade or build new facilities to keep teams.
Enjoy the spring games. Looking forward myself already. It’s going to be a long winter.
Anybody else going to the winter meetings at Disney in Orlando Dec. 9th-12th?

They are voting this week to build a new facility down the street from me in Palm Beach Gardens which will be home to the Astros and Blue Jays spring training. Who the hell wants to see the Astros or Blue Jays?!?!

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