K-Rod and Melvin discuss the trade

Coutesy of my MLB.com colleague Adam McCalvy, here’s more about the Orioles trade for Fransisco Rodriguez with the Brewers in exchange for infield prospect Nick Delmonico. (You can read more about that deal, including quotes from executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette, here)

The Brewers asked for Delmonico three weeks ago but were told he was unavailable. But Brewers general manager Doug Melvin was able to get six teams involved in Rodriguez, a list he whittled to three serious American League suitors. When he checked back Tuesday, Duquette was willing to part with Delmonico.
Melvin praised K-Rod as a “true pro” and wished him well with the Orioles.

“I spent years in Baltimore, and it’s a great experience when you’re in a pennant race there,” Melvin said. “He jumped back in there and is pitching really well right now. I think he’s a guy who can be a difference-maker when you get into postseason or you get into pennant races in August or September. You always need more than one guy who can pitch in the ninth inning, and he’s capable of doing that.”


Here is what Rodriguez, who found out about 30 minutes before the first pitch of the Brewers-Padres game at Miller Park, had to say about the deal.
[on the trade] “I cannot say that I was not expecting it, but I’m definitely sad, I’m not going to lie. I’m extremely sad because I don’t want to leave this organization, but at the same time, you realize this is a business and I do understand that it’s part of the game coming in. This is a new opportunity for me and I am looking forward to this challenge once again.”

On going to a pennant race: “Definitely, it’s nice. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but we’re not playing for [anything] here. Going there now, every game is going to count, especially in an American League East that is really strong. I have to be on top of my game as much as possible.”

[On being home at the start of April and in the Minors at the start of May] “That tells you anything can happen. I wish I could have control over that, but unfortunately I don’t I just have to go with it, and this is another chapter of my life. I’m just looking forward, and I’m going to go out there with the intensity that I have and help them win ballgames.”

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