Davis fouls ball off foot, says he’s fine

Chris Davis, who grimaced while stretching out on the first out of the top of the ninth, also fouled a ball off his right ankle bone in the third inning.  In that frame, head athletic trainer Richie Bancells and manager Buck Showalter came out to check on Davis after he rounded second base and the first baseman stayed in the game with no issue.

“It’s sore, it tightened up a little bit,” Davis said of the injury, which he didn’t expect to be anything that would keep him out of the lineup. “I obviously iced it, will wrap it up for tonight. It’s something where every guy, I’ve seen Adam Jones foul about 800 balls off his foot this year, so just one of those things. Just kind of caught me right on the ankle bone. Usually it’s the leg or the shin or the foot.”

As of Saturday night, there were no plans for Davis to get any tests done and he said the grimace in the ninth inning was more “general aches and pains” that come with the season, and not related to his ankle.  He was in good spirits after the game, joking that the play was a result of having to “save Manny [Machado] once again” with the 21-year-old third baseman making a fantastic grab to retire Ian Kinsler.

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