Johnson on his struggles

Orioles closer Jim Johnson was at his locker and faced the media after suffering his third consecutive blown save, leading to the Orioles’ 6-4, 10-inning loss to New York.

You can read my full recap of the game here, but here is what Johnson –who manger Buck Showalter said would be run back out there in the team’s next save situation–  had to say…

[on what the Orioles have to do to stop the current season-high six-game losing skid]
“Well, three of them are my fault. The other guys do their job and I do mine, then we’re not standing here. I think everybody’s doing a great job. I’m just not pulling my weight. And I’ll figure it out.”

[Easier said than done on bouncing back after three blown saves?]
“I don’t know. I haven’t been in this position before. I wasn’t thinking about the last two outings when I was out there today. So I don’t expect to be thinking about the outing before, tomorrow when I’m out there.”

[on the issue Monday night]
“The ball’s up. That seems to be the common thing lately. Just not making the adjustment. I’m trying. You know, doing everything. I’m going to work through it. Just like anybody else would. I just need to execute, you know. Balls are coming up, hittable. Just make better pitches.”

[on if this is the most frustrating stretch of his career]
“Yeah. I’ve put a lot of hard work into everything I do. It’s not going to change anything, you know. Go home, get some rest, come back tomorrow, ready to work, just like anybody else would.”

[on making adjustments]

“I’m not getting the ball to where I need to be. We’ve watched a lot of tape, and working on certain things, staying tall a little bit longer…We will figure it out. I’ll figure it out, there’s no other option.”


Try using Hunter. At least he throws strikes & gets Ks. If he gives up a HR it’s no different than what Johnson is doing now.

Theoretically who will close if Johnson loses his job or is hurt?

There’s no clear backup. So long as he stays healthy, he’s the closer.

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