Orioles option Flaherty, Reimold on his injury

The Orioles optioned infielder Ryan Flaherty to Triple-A Norfolk following Saturday’s 10-6 loss and will announce a corresponding roster move prior to Sunday’s game.

The move is the Orioles third transaction of the day, and it’s more likely that they will add another position player given that manager Buck Showalter said following the game he felt the team’s bullpen –which has pitched 29 2/3 innings in the last seven games– was in good shape.

Flaherty has struggled offensively since the season began and while the team likes his defense, he was replaced by Yamaico Navarro at second base the past two games. Flaherty, a Rule 5 Draft pick last year, hit .133 in 30 games, with two homers and 26 strikeouts in 90 at-bats. He opened the year 0-for-17.

If the Orioles do opt to add another position player, they could go with an outfielder given Saturday’s decision to put Nolan Reimold on the disabled list, or promote someone from Triple-A Norfolk who is versatile enough to play multiple spots. With Rays lefty Matt Moore on the mound tomorrow, a right-handed bat would make sense and Danny Valencia seems to be the most logical candidate.


Reimold didn’t get to speak to the media pregame about his injury, so here’s what he had to say after the Orioles loss about going on the DL…
“It’s obviously disapointing. I thought I’d be playing better, too. But it’s probably for the best in the long run, the big picture, to get it taken care of and come back and feel fresh and get another crack at it.”

[on how the injury bothered him] “There were times when, just walking it would tug. Going up stairs, I could feel it tugging pretty good. Then other times, it wasn’t too bad. Playing, it would aggravate and tighten back up and be a real nuisance, I guess. And there were times I’d be on base and that’s why I was getting pinch-ran for at the end of the game. I don’t consider myself a slow person, but if you’ve got to make that first to third or first to home, you have to be able to run and change direction. But I always went as hard as I could, to be honest. I always ran as hard as I could, but I had limitations.”

[on if he thinks he will be able to return right when eligible]: “I had those days off where I hadn’t played, and then when I did play, I wasn’t exactly on base to aggravate it anymore. It doesn’t feel too bad right now, so I’m hoping it will resolve quickly and I’ll get back quick.”


Its about time

What took so long to send this “bench-warmer”down? I know I’m beating a dead horse but the same day we are showing our weaknesses it was nice to see Mark Reynolds knock in the WINNING run for the Indians. As I have said before we really made a mistake there! I know it’s a dream on my part but wouldn’t Chase Utley look good as an Oriole—Even with his price-tag which MAY come down for a chance to be on a winner again?

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