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Do you think that the Orioles should upgrade the 2nd base situation due to the Roberts injury?

Will the Orioles shop for a second baseman. Roberts is a bust, castilla and Flaherty batting no good. Thanks

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Hmmm..maybe Schoop should be given a try ?

Sorry I missed the broadcast Britt. Will you be doing something like this again soon?

BTW, “cdarr”, Brian Roberts is not a bust. He has given O fans many productive and outstanding years. It just so happens that his best years didnt coincide with any good Oriole teams. He has given his heart, soul and body to Baltimore and its fans.

How good would Reynolds’ HR total look in the O’s batting order?

Agree with John re Roberts but we must move on and get a 2nd baseman who can hit! Utley would fill the bill but DD would NEVER spend the $

Wouldnt a smack in the face to the yankees if the O’s signed Cano ? A bit farfetched, but it would be a nice retribution to NY signing Mussina.

I heard Jim Thome is working out in Arizona trying to get someones attention……Hmmmmm

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