Got an Orioles question?

The Orioles’ 8-4 win in Anaheim here this afternoon caps a 7-4 road trip and the team will head home tonight for Monday’s off day before a quick three-game homestand.

Given the rare day off, I thought it would be a good time to answer some questions with my first Orioles inbox of the regular season. If you have a question you want considered about the team, a player, etc, shoot me an email me at Please include your name and hometown for possible inclusion in Monday’s inbox.



Do you think the O’s should have kept Reynolds considering how well he is hitting for Cleveland?

The Orioles are looking great this year, but could use a top of the rotation starter. Are there any that are available or could be available before the trade deadline? Do the Orioles have enough depth to acquire such a player?

No offense. But in last 2 year,Matt Wieters doesn’t improve the stats that against to RHP. Just want to know, have he ever think or try to bat only with right hand.

With Brian Roberts injured again, and his terrible history with injuries, is it finally time to cut ties and call up Schoop?

Britt where are you? We need Oriole news and our best source seems to be down. Britt come back to us!

If Nolan Reimold continues to hit at or below the “mendoza line” could Jim Thome be an option at DH?

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