Quotes on the Jones play

You can read the full story on Orioles.com from tonight’s 5-2 loss to the Yankees but here are some quotes regarding Gold Glover Adam Jones’ gaffe that allowed a trio of unearned seventh-inning runs to score.

“Foot gave out, you could say it’s rain, you could say it’s cold, you could say anything, wind, you could say whatever you want,” said Jones, who didn’t use any excuses for the misplay. “I was there. Didn’t catch it. Cost my team the game. Trust me. It’s quite frustrating.

Some days you’re the hero, some days you’re the goat.”

Jones shouldered the blame for the loss, which had some sloppy play on the basepaths and six walks and two hit batsmen by the pitching staff.

“To make a mistake like that, big in the game, late in the game, you cost your team a game,” Jones said.

“I don’t have to watch that ball on video. I’ve caught way tougher balls than that, and it’s a ball hit over my head. It’s a routine play in my book. Me and [outfield coach Wayne] Kirby talked about it afterwards. Missed it. No more, no less.”

“You know what he’s a leader of this team and he’s going to go out there and always fight,” Manny Machado said of Jones. “He’s always fighting with us, fighting ‘til the end. He came out there [after the play] and stayed mentally strong and was pushing us in the dugout. So, things happen. Errors happen. And it’s all part of the game.”

Added manager Buck Showalter: “He’s spoiled us with a great level of play. Someone said [Jones] stepped in between the warning track and the ground kind of gave way, but that’s an excuse he won’t take. He’s so good for us and that’s why it gets everybody’s attention when he doesn’t make every play.”

It got the attention of the other dugout with manager Joe Girardi saying this: “”The way the ball was carrying tonight…I thought he was going to able to run it down. The chances of that happening are slim, slim, slim, but we caught a break.”


Let’s all remember FIRST in the games this year if we won Jones was involved each time. If there was sold defense Jones was involved. If there was leadership needed Jones was involved.
Is Adam going to go a season without a mistake Hxxx NO!!!But let us remember how lucky we are to have him leading our team to the playoffs and maybe….
One Game that is all it was.
Let us remember how Gonzalez and Patton pitched so well.
Time to remember the Sun is out for our Orioles. This is not 3 years ago and Texas walked thru with a double header scoring 50 runs. We are becoming the Giant. The Yankees are Diminishing and trying to hold on.
Be and Oriole Fan!

Well, we’ve played ten games and peed three of them away. Once we get tightened down a little bit more, this team will be difficult to beat.

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