Markakis out another week with small tear

Orioles right fielder Nick Markakis has a small disc herniation (which is a small tear) in his neck area and he will be out for at least another week  although manager Buck Showalter said Tuesday the team doesn’t feel like Opening Day will be an issue.

Markakis, who had an MRI done in Florida on Monday, flew back to Baltimore Tuesday to be reexamined by spine specialist Lee Riley and he has already been sidelined a week in the 7-14 day healing process. Showalter said Markakis has been feeling better as of late and the news –while not good– isn’t the worst case scenario given that the rest of the area is structurally sound. The exact location of the injury is called a C4-C5 slight herniation.

The neck issue is the latest in an unfortunate injury bout for Markakis, one of the team’s toughest players, who had three surgeries (abdominal, right wrist and left thumb) in 2012. Slated to be the team’s starting right fielder, Markakis has played in at least 160 games in three of the last four years. He’s played in four games this spring, going 3-for-12 with an RBI and two strikeouts.


I am not looking on this as lightly as many. Injuries over the last 2- 3 seasons are starting to tell a story. I would be willing to go out on a limb and say he may not start the season. This could be a reason for the O’s to be able to expand their thinking on keeping another outfielder and putting Markekis on IR for 30 days to give him a real chance to heel and not be out later due to same thing. To make a run at the playoffs he will be needed. We have already too many questions for the season-Roberts, Reimold, can Hardy hit near his previous level, Can Davis defend 1b, … I think this is pointing to the O’s potential dropping the look for the starter and going for the offense 1b or of. By the way Flaherty has earned with play his spot to be the roving infielder with specific 2b if Roberts breaks down.

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