Wieters featured on MLB Network tonight

Baltimore’s Matt Wieters will be featured in MLB Network’s “Top 10 Right Now: Catchers” tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

MLB Network determined its rankings of the top 10 catchers using “The Shredder,” which uses statistical analysis to measure performance. In addition, renowned author Bill James and MLB Network analyst and former catcher Dave Valle both give their own personal lists of the top 10 catchers in baseball. The “Top 10 Right Now” series each Friday with the top 10 at two new positions, leading up to the “Top 100 Right Now” on February 15.


I think Wieters should be #3 or #4 on most lists. Maybe as low as #5 on one or two lists.

Buster Posey and Yadier Molina should be #1 and #2. Joe Mauer and Carlos Ruiz should be at #3, #4, or #5 depending on whose list it is.

Brian McCann, Miguel Montero, and Alex Avila should be #6, #7, and #8 depending on whose list it is.

Carlos Santana and Jonathan Lucroy get my nod for #9 and #10, but I think Russel Martin, Kurt Suzuki, or AJ Pierzynski could find their way onto one or two lists at #9 or #10.

I’m also predicting that Mike Napoli and Victor Martinez will not be featured since they are not projected to be a primary catcher next season.

Who cares what these knuckleheads think. I’ve seen more catchers in my time than they have spent days on this earth. Weiters Ranks with the best to ever call a game and throw out runners as well as defensive saves of bouncing balls. Hitting from a catcher is over rated. Leadership behind the plate is the best you can ever get from a catcher. It is too important to a teams pitching success and cannot be measured by all these modern idiotic stats. Baseball is baseball a pure game. When played right a think of beauty. It is not a game to be reduced to opions and numbers, but to be enjoyed for what it is. The greatest game ever invented. Too bad the players disgrace the game by cheating at every occassion. Those that don’t cheat have an obligation to come forth and rid the game of the trash that cheats. They are just as responsible for letting it happen. How do they raise their kids and get any respect when they stand by and do nothing. Please God bring us some real men, real heroes to be our kids and grandkids idols.

Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson and others like them made this game a thrill a minute playing clean, hard and fair. Todays players for the most part are greedy, lying bunch of babies pretending to play hard. Love of the game is the only thing one can really look forward to any more.

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