Is the Orioles inactivity the best of several bad options?

If you have been to’s main website recently you probably noticed the Sports on Earth columns that have been featured in a new venture that started earlier this winter.

One of those long form columns on Tuesday focused on the Orioles and made an interesting argument that the team’s lack of activity was the best of several bad options.

The author argues that Baltimore’s best move has been to do nothing since its working with limited funds and there isn’t a single player out there that would immediately make the team better. Wait, hang on to the young players the Orioles have, and hope they’re in a better spot to spend next winter.

It’s certainly a different spin on things and, while I don’t necessarily agree with all the points, it was a good, thought-provoking read.  Here’s an excerpt..

“This offseason, though, there hasn’t even been a Wei-Yin Chen signing for the Orioles. They’ve re-signed reclamation project outfielder Nate McLouth for a couple million dollars, made some minor league moves and that’s just about it. From time to time they’ve been linked to this or that free agent or trade candidate by the national writers, likely often as a stalking horse for one side or the other in ongoing negotiations as a legitimate, interested party, but nothing serious has materialized. Nor should it: the Orioles, the new CBA and the current market have intersected at such a unique angle that Baltimore’s current inactivity is the best of many bad options.

The first thing to recognize is that in any sane world the 2013 Orioles are not a playoff team, nor are they a few pieces away from being a playoff team. This comes with the weighty caveat that we live in a decidedly insane world: The same one that gave us the 2012 Orioles. Still, that particular bolt of lightning is unlikely to strike again. Baltimore’s run to the divisional series last year was miraculous, yes, but in baseball “miraculous” is just another word for “unsustainable.” On paper right now, they’re a team that should be fighting for fourth place, with the qualifier that the difference between the haves and the have-nots in the 2013 AL East should be the smallest in recent memory.

However, there is a certain amount of help on the way.”

You can read the full story here.

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The following opening day lineup for 2013 (without any other additions) is NOT a last place AL East lineup Mr. Bernhardt!
Brian Roberts – 2nd base
NIck Markakis – RF (Gold Glove)
Adam Jones – CF (Gold Glove)
Christ Davis – 1st base
Noland Reimold – DH
Matt Wieters – C (Gold Glove)
JJ Hardy – SS (Gold Glove)
Manny Machado – 3rd base
Nate McClouth – LF (Gold Glove)
Jason Hammel – P

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