Contract details: Casilla, Pearce Teagarden and Reynolds w/ the Indians

The Orioles are expected to make Nate McLouth’s one-year contract official later today, with the outfielder flying home after taking a physical in Baltimore. In the meantime, here are some contract details for currently signed players…

To jog your memory, the O’s avoided arbitration with a trio of players in Alexi Casilla, Steve Pearce and Taylor Teagarden and non-tendered Mark Reynolds a few hours short of the Nov. 30 deadline. Reynolds recently signed a one-year deal with the Cleveland Indians and his details are below, along with the other three.

Casilla, claimed off waivers from the Minnesota Twins, will make $1.7 million in 2013, with a club option for 2014 for $3 million or a $200,000 buyout. Pearce, who was also claimed off waivers, agreed to a one-year deal worth $700,000. Teagarden, the Orioles’ backup to catcher Matt Wieters, agreed to a one-year deal worth $650,000 for 2013, plus (for each on the active roster): $12,500 for 140 days; $12,500 for 168 days.

Reynolds signed for $6 million with incentives that could escalate up to $7.5. Those bonuses are as follows: $250,000 for 400 plate appearances, $250,000 for 450 PAs, $250,000 for 500 PA, $250,000 for 550 PA, $250,000 for 575 PA and $250,000 for 600 P. Plus: $100,000 for MVP ($75,000-2nd thru 3rd; $50,000-4th thru 5th); $50,000 for All Star; $50,000 for Gold Glove; $50,000 for Silver Slugger; $50,000 for World Series MVP; $25,000 for League Championship Series MVP.


Since Reynolds has averaged almost 600 PA over the last five years he’s virtually assured 7.5 million for next year, The O’s were not going to go there

7.5 mill for 190 strikeouts is a pretty good deal. Oh wait, he’s not a pitcher. Hahaha

He was down to 160 last year…. banner year.

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We all joke about Reynold’s Ks and the O’s not giving him 7.5 mil, but until we find a replacement 1B and someone to cover his 30+ HRs and 60-80 RBI, I’ll miss the bat in the lineup. Bc right now, it doesn’t look like they are doing a whole lot to aquire anyone, via trade or FA and we are out a 1B and a DH. Move Davis to one of them, but that doesn’t make up for the other.

Signing Adam LaRoche doesn’t seem likely because we just don’t want to spend the type of money that would bring him to Baltimore….also….key to success last year was developing the guys we have and drafting well the last couple years…unless we sign a huge TV deal…we’re never going to be able to compete in terms of $$$ with the Yankees, Boston, Angels, Dodgers etc….LaRoche would definitely be a welcoming addition due to the offensive and defensive threat he has been in the recent past! Losing Reynolds was a bit surprising to me though….everyone knows the guy’s a free swinger and that he’s going to strike out….but after moving to 1st base he became a different player all together! Strikeouts went down and his defensive prowess got much better! His play on the field was a big reason we stayed in contention and ended up in the playoffs for the first time since 97′; not to mention the toughness he showed down the stretch! So letting him walk was definitely a surprise to me especially with the limited options we have available to fill his role…would be great if we could see Arrieta settle in as a starter and do what we know he can…Tillman had a really good second half…but did struggle in the Post Season a bit…probably due to a little nervousness/inexperience…but I do think we have a good core of pitchers…can’t have enough though…as we all know! Hunter and Matusz have found a great home in the Bullpen and should probably stay there as they were phenoms for us the tail-end of last year! Just need a big bat and people that can take pitches and get on base! Go O’s!!!

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