Duquette says no to Swisher, Minor League signings

*Orioles executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette put to rest the prospect of potentially signing free agent Nick Swisher on Wednesday night, saying “I think we have enough outfielders on our ballclub. we can take a look at the guys we have in the spring.”

Pressed further about the possibility of signing Swisher to play first base, Duquette said: “I don’t think we need to worry about that for Baltimore fans.”

*The Orioles would still like to make a trade to get a middle-of-the-order bat although it’s unclear when that could come.

“Sometimes they come together, sometimes they take a little while to percolate after the meeting,” said Duquette, who discussed four or five trade possibilities on Wednesday. “But we still have our eye on a couple other things.”

*The Orioles announced the signing of eight players to Minor League contracts with an invitation to Spring Training in outfielders Lew Ford, Conor Jackson and Jason Pridie, right-handed pitchers Daniel McCutchen and Adam Russell, and catchers Allan De San Miguel, Jose Gil and Chris Robinson.

*They also signed their first Czech player, Jan Novak, in the organization’s first foray into Europe. Novak is an 18-year-old left-handed pitcher with a good delivery, according to Duquette.


WHAT THE HELL!! The man said no to Swisher!!

It’s odd the Orioles announced the signing of those particular 8 players.
– Of the 8, only 3 were signed on December 5th (Jackson, Russell, and Gil), The other 5 were signed on Nov 12 or early.
– Of these 5, Robinson and De San Miguel were already in the organization and under club control. Neither was a minor league free agent according to Baseball America.
– The Orioles re-signed 3 other catchers in the same week they re-signed Robinson.
– Dan Meyer was not among the 8, even though he signed on the same day as McCutchen.
– Maybe…are these are the 8 players, so far, who have signed or re-signed AND have been invited to Spring Training?

According to game logs on fangraphs, Robinson spent the whole season at Norfolk, while De San Miguel spent the first half at Bowie and the second half at Frederick. De San Miguel also caught two games in May at Norfolk.

It’s probably worth noting:
– Jose Gil was the Yankees’ AA catcher all of last season, and he played one September game for the AAA team.
– Conor Jackson has 3 full years of Major League experience on the Arizona Diamondbacks, from 2006 to 2008. He spent last season at AAA in the White Sox’s organization.
– Adam Russell was covered nicely in the previous blog post.

Who cares about Swisher. He is a prima donna from NY. What could be worse. Thank you Dan. Buck has a tough enough job without having to babysit him. Get Reynolds sighed or get LaRoche.

I totally agree about Swisher. He may help with the bat but his presence in the clubhouse would be like poison to the team spirit. Team players only need apply. I truly think LaRoche is all but a done deal in Washington but having him would be great due to the team’s “mistake” of letting Mark Reynolds go.

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