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*The Orioles are telling teams their priority in the trade market is for first base, designated hitter (which could be grouped together, obviously) and left field and executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette said there are several clubs that they match up with. This brings up a few questions, most notably, where does that leave Mark Reynolds?

The team has until Nov. 30 to offer Reynolds –who is arbitration-eligible– a contract or reach another agreement that keeps him in Baltimore. Otherwise, he will become a free agent and be free to sign anywhere. Reynolds lives in Arizona in the offseason  and would likely factor in the allure of living home during Spring Training –and perhaps returning to the National League — if he does land on the open market, which has a pretty weak class of first baseman as it stands right now. If the O’s let him get to free agency, it’d be hard to imagine a scenario where Reynolds would resign in Baltimore. It’s not impossible, I just don’t see it happening if it gets that far.

The O’s being in the market for a left fielder also begs the immediate question about Nolan Reimold, who is recovering from season-ending neck surgery. The sense right now remains that Reimold will be a full-go in Spring Training, and it will be interesting to see how the Orioles go about adding outfielders. The club is still talking to free agent Nate McLouth about a potential return, although nothing is imminent there.

Orioles manager Buck Showalter prefers to rotate the DH-spot in a perfect world and the team hasn’t been in talks with retaining the free-agent Jim Thome, who is still undecided (at least, publicly) as to whether he will play in 2013.

*All of Showalter’s coaches have been invited to return in 2013, with negotiations on each specific agreement going on right now. It’s not known whether there will be any multi-year deals for a staff that includes pitching coach Rick Adair, bench coach John Russell, third base coach DeMarlo Hale, hitting coach Jim Presley, first base coach Wayne Kirby and bullpen coach Bill Castro.  The expectation is director of pitching development Rick Peterson, who interviewed but did not get the Red Sox pitching coach position, will also remain with the organization in his current role.

*Speaking of Showalter, he joined MLB Network earlier today and you can watch that entertaining clip here.

*MLB.com  has a reporter internship program, which is how I got started in this business. I highly recommend it for college students trying to break in to sports writing. Details here: http://bit.ly/W2iuzU


I can see the orioles are taking a step back this winter. blue jays made a big trade with the marlins . i didn’t think the blue jays were that bad of a team . now with this trade i think the blue jays caught the orioles . if Mr angloes don’t want to invest in the team then sell them. were tired of loosing in baltimore . this team need a Tim liscuim . or a zack rankie in fact they need two number one starters. sign Ryan Roberts. from Tampa bay i think he will be a perfect second basement for Baltimore . find a top of line up hitter to play in the outfield. resign mark Reynolds. have Brian Roberts as dh . or bench player. wouldn’t mark burly. look good in the orioles rotation. if the orioles go next year with the same team minus mcclouth . Reynolds. this team might wimp 82 games. it takes money to win in the al . east . if Mr angloes going back to his old ways. then we need to boycott this team. Baltimore is willing to support a winning team. not an owner who don’t want to win.

As far as I am concerned, Nate McLouth is the Orioles left fielder and it is his job to lose. Reimold’s health history is too shaky to gamble on him being the regular there. The Orioles need to pay McLouth a good salary to stay – he sure earned it. Reimold, in my mind, would be a 4th outfielder if he can stay healthy. They must also keep Mark Reynolds if they want to remain competitive. I totally agree that without McLouth and Reynolds, the Orioles will limp thru 2013 and look like the teams that played in Baltimore for all those too many years of losing records. Finding a DH that can do more then DH should also be a goal. I respect Jim Thome and although he has had a great career, I think it is time for him to retire and look into maybe coaching. Then there is 2nd base – we cannot rely on Brian Roberts and Andino and Flaherty are not the long term answers either. We finally returned to competitiveness in 2012 and we should not be expected to accept going backwards and supporting a losing team again. If Angelos doesn’t want to spend a few dollars to keep us winning, then he needs to sell the team to someone who will.

Something that I have not heard anyone talk about, the concerns with Josh Hamilton’s health long term. Wouldn’t it make sense to begin to develop Hamilton into a first baseman if he would be willing? He would still remain one of the most feared hitters in baseball as well as being a big lefty on first. This would seem to me to benefit the O’s a huge amount. I know that the price tag for Hamilton is high, but the O’s went after Texiera with high numbers. First base would eliminate alot of possible injuries that outfielders suffer. Reimold in left, Davis as DH. The lineup would be tremendous,

That’s what O’s fans want!!!

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