Got a question?

I’m working up an inbox for later this week as we start to move into free agency and the offseason.

If you have an Orioles-related question you can send it in an email to with “inbox” in the headline. Please include your name and hometown (I won’t use full names) in the query. Thanks!


Believe besides a veteran pitcher we need a fast,good hitting and fielding 2ndbaseman

Are you supprised that more wasn,t said about the blown calls in the Yankee- Oriole and Atlanta- St louis games

Have you heard of the Orioles plans for Steve Johnson? I have a gut feeling he is not in their future plans which I think is a shame considering what he did with his opportunities. While he doesn’t have an over-powering fastball, the beauty of watching him work is seeing a pitcher not a thrower. He kind of reminds me of Kris Medlen of the Braves. Medlen’s fastball hits 90 mph if there is a strong zephyr blowing toward the plate, but has great command of his pitches with different speeds. It’s no fluke that Medlen was National League Pitcher of the Month for both August and September. I think Steve Johnson pitches the same way and with almost the same effectiveness when given the chance. What do you think?

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