Reynolds X-ray negative, good to go for Friday

Orioles first baseman Mark Reynolds had an X-ray on his left foot come back negative and the Orioles first baseman is expected to be in the starting lineup for Friday’s do-or-die American League Wild Card game against Texas.

“This is nothing,” said Reynolds, who has played through numerous injuries this year. “Especially this time of year, so much on the line. Just the adrenaline and everything is going to figure into it.

Reynolds, who fouled a ball off the bone by his big toe in Wednesday’s loss to Tampa Bay, came up hopping in obvious pain but remained in the game. He played in 135 regular-season games, hitting the disabled list once with an oblique strain, but playing through bicep and hand injuries as well.

Asked how he’s able to play through pain, Reynolds said: “I don’t steal bases, so there’s none of that part. I don’t play the outfield so I don’t have to run very much. It’s just a mental thing. You go out there, put it out of your head and you compete. And that’s athletes are. We are competitors and you go out there and have fun. Coupled with how big this game is, I’m pretty sure I won’t even feel my foot.”

Reynolds hit .221/.335/.429 with 23 homers and 69 RBIs and has improved his defense considerably since moving to first base. The 29-year-old Reynolds has postseason experience as a member of the ’07 Arizona Diamondbacks and, when asked of the Orioles’ mindset on the eve of the organizations first postseason in 15 years, said:  “We are where we expected to be in Spring Training. Obviously a lot of people didn’t think we would get here, but I know everyone in this clubhouse thought we could.

Last time I was in the playoffs we had five games to decide it not one.  [It will be ] just a nail biting game all the way ‘til the end.  Hopefully we can move on and go play the Yankees.”

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