Bundy debuts

Dylan Bundy made his professional debut following lefty Brian Matusz with one out in the eighth inning and a runner on second base in the Orioles’ 2-1 loss to the Red Sox. The 19-year-old Bundy, the first Oriole to debut before his 20th birthday since Mike Adamson July 1, 1967, got a pair of fly outs from Ryan Lavarnway and Danny Valencia to end the inning.

The Orioles’ first-round pick in last year’s Draft, and considered one of baseball’s best overall prospects, Bundy’s fastball topped out at 95 mph and he threw a pair of sliders to Valencia, which looked perhaps like his banned cutter pitch. Manager Buck Showalter smiled as he told reporters they were, in fact, sliders and terminology is everything.

I’ll have a full story on Bundy up soon on Orioles.com, but here’s what he had to say to us reporters in the visitng clubhouse at Fenway Park.

[on waiting for this moment his whole life] “I was nervous at first, when I threw that first pitch I was hoping it would be a strike. But after that first pitch I felt a whole lot better about the whole thing.”

[what was the run out from the bullpen like?] “It was a lot longer run than I thought I’d be and  I looked up at [manager Buck Showalter], and he said ‘Get us out of the inning,’ and I did my best. I threw strikes and was able to get two pop-outs.”

[on having any nerves] “Not really on the mound, my legs were kind of a little bit light. But then when I got to the dugout my hands were shaking. Other than that, it was pretty good.”

[family here still?] “No, they went home the first game [in Boston]. Didn’t have anyone here tonight. They are coming back up to Baltimore.”

[on potential cutters to Valencia being called sliders] “Yeah, [it was a] slider not a cutter.”

[Did facing the Red Sox in spring training help?] “I was telling the bullpen guys I thought it might help a little bit, facing [Dustin] Pedroia, [Jacoby] Ellsbury and [Adrian] Gonzalez. But, no, it didn’t help at all. I was still nervous.”

[glad it’s over with?] “Yeah, definitely good to get the first two outs. Getting the first two outs satisfies me a little bit and hopefully the next time I won’t be as nervous.”

[on the last few days not knowing if he would pitch] “As a bullpen guy you never know when you are going in, especially me. I didn’t know what situation I would be in. [Fellow reliever] Tommy Hunter answered the phone and told me I was going in. I said, ‘What?’ and I couldn’t find my glove, took me about a minute to find it. And he told me to get going. So, I was like, ok its happening and I got loose as quick as I would.”

[was he warmed up enough?] “Yeah, I mean I said I was good to the bullpen coach. I don’t know if I was loose or not, but I was ready to go out there and throw.”


Great post! Mr. Bundy was good!

Nice job by the youngster. Buck sure didn;t make it an easy situation to come in for his debut. Tight game on the road against to Sox. Guess he wanted to see how he would react under pressure. Pretty impressive. Now let’s go on a 9 game win streak.

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