Reynolds update

What happened to Mark Reynolds’ during Saturday’s game? Manager Buck Showalter, who came out along with head athletic trainer Richie Bancells to check on Reynolds during his fourth-inning at-bat said: “The previous at-bat [in the second inning] he took a hard swing with his bicep in his left arm, it had just gone numb on him. It came back for him. We will see how he is tomorrow coming in.”

It looks like Reynolds will play Sunday, especially given that he didn’t want to divulge any details to reporters about the injury, laughing off the questions.

“It was a rough game that’s all,” Reynolds said. “You’re not getting anything from me.”

Reynolds is probably one of the tougher guys in the Orioles clubhouse, he played in Anaheim a day after he was hit in the hand and it was so swollen he could barely hold playing cards in the clubhouse and I’d be shocked if he wasn’t in Sunday’s lineup.

MASN cameras showed Reynolds rubbing the area after his second-inning at-bat, and when asked about that, he joked: “I just massage myself every now and then, it makes me feel better.”

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