Saunders on joining the Orioles

Joe Saunders held court with the Arizona media earlier today regarding his trade to Baltimore and here’s what he had to say…

[on the trade] “I’m excited to get traded to a playoff contending team, they are in the hunt right now so it’s going to be exciting. Plus my family is from there so I’ll get to go closer to home. I grew up an hour and a half south of Baltimore so it’s going to be exciting to hang out with them more and they’ll get a chance to see me pitch more.”

[on if he knew it was coming] “As soon as we went to a six-man rotation, I kind of figured I had a few more days here. It was definitely easier when you know you’re getting traded then when it comes out of left field. This was a little more easy to deal with and it made more sense for both sides.”

[on how he found out]  “They called me in the office last night and told me I’ve been traded but they can’t tell me to who. I said ‘I’ll just tell my wife I got traded but I don’t know who.’ Then [GM Kevin Towers] called me this morning and I found out.”

[on returning to the MD/VA area] “I was an O’s fan growing up, I went to a lot of their games when I was a kid.”

“I don’t know Buck [Showalter], I pitched against him a couple times, but he’s a good manager, a smart manager and I still know a lot of guys over there. I know  [Mark] Reynolds, I worked out with JJ Hardy in the offseason and I’ve pitched against Adam Jones basically my whole life so I know a few of those guys at least.”


Like your site – hope Orioles get in playoffs as i have rooted for them since Buck took over.

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