Reynolds and Showalter tossed

Manager Buck Showalter and first baseman Mark Reynolds were ejected in the bottom of the fifth inning of Friday’s game after a call at first involving Tigers shortstop Jhonny Peralta was reversed, with Reynolds’ foot ruled to be off the bag.

The play started with a great stop from rookie third baseman Manny Machado, who made a backhanded stab at the ball, pivoted and threw across the diamond to Reynolds on a short hop. But the throw was offline and Reynolds stretched to retrieve it, laying out fully. He maintained that his foot was still in contact with the bag.

The initial ruling by first-base umpire Jeff Kellogg was out. The typically mild-mannered Peralta got heated and started arguing and — although television replays were inconclusive — the call was overturned several moments later after Kellog confer with home plate umpire Tim Timmons.

Then it was Reynolds’ turn to get mad. He spiked his glove and was immediately ejected, with starter Tommy Hunter yelling from the mound. Reynolds, who kept conversing with Kellogg and the rest of the umpire crew, was pushed aside by an angry Showalter, who got in the umpires’ faces, turning bright red and animatedly stating his case before being tossed as well.

Hunter got out of the fifth inning unscathed, the Orioles’ two-run lead intact. The play was officially scored as an error on Machado.

It was Reynolds’ second career ejection — his first as an Oriole — and Showalter’s 24th and second of the season.


I in no way profess to be as qualified as a ML umpire, but in as much as the replays were inconclusive, he (the umpire) certainly could not possibly have believed that he got the call wrong initially. In fact I believe he got it right, not as an O’s fan, but as a baseball fan. Just a hometown decision, albeit an extremely seldom seen one.

Go O’s!

Same as the crap call in the first inning at the plate. Not only are we facing Fielder and Co. tonight we get to play against the umpires as well.

I don’t believe the replays were inconclusive when you look at the timing.
When the ball hit Reynolds’ mitt his foot was touching the base and that was before the runner touched the base. You have to look at all the factors. That’s what’s wrong with fans and a lot of people trying to make that haven’t been umpires themselves and that’s when the whining begins! Oh and by the way, there is NO such rule as “the tie goes to the runner”! That’s an old wives tale, so to speak. In all my years as an umpire I was always MOST concerned with making the right call so I wasn’t a factor in the outcome of the game!

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