O’s, Phils Blanton talks not dead

With the Trade Deadline roughly 90 minutes away, the Orioles and Phillies trade talks have picked back up, according to a Major League source. The two sides reached a stalemate of sorts late last night, with Baltimore unwilling to pick up  all of the approximately $3 million remaining on Blanton’s contract, but things have picked up steam and it appears more likely as the day progresses that Blanton will end up with Baltimore.

While the Phillies were reportedly seeking infielder Jonathan Schoop –the Orioles third-best prospect — that was refuted quickly and it seems if a deal is going to get done it will be with Philadelphia picking up some of Blanton’s salary and getting a much lower, less-impact prospect in return. The Orioles, frustrated by how talks were progressed, checked back in with several other available starters this morning, but Blanton remains the cheapest option player-wise and Baltimore’s farm system lacks the depth necessary to make a lot of other options available.

It’s possible they don’t make any moves at all before the Deadline but if the terms can be agreed on, Blanton would give the Orioles the flexibility to move one of their starters to the bullpen. The Orioles also still want a reliever, and it’s possible they get more than one deal done before this 4 p.m. ET deadline.


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Hasn’t the statue of limitations expired on this story? Please!

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