A few more quotes

A few more quotes from manager Buck Showalter pregame..

With the Trade Deadline approaching, I asked Showalter how often he keeps in contact with what executive vice president of bsaeball operations Dan Duquette in regards to external moves.

“Not every day,” Showalter said. “He;s got a lot of different things going on in the organization. Most of them are about our moves immediately with the club but when it gets to the point where something’s getting ready to happen like we’ve done through the years, we certainly talk in exact terms. He doesn’t have to tell me everything. Sometimes I’ve got enough working in my brain every day.”

Much has been made of Showalter’s comment on Monday night that appeared to be aimed at new director of  pitching development Rick Peterson and his work with the young pitchers.  Following Chris Tillman’s start,  Showalter noted that Tillman’s fabulous season debut –followed by Monday’s clunker — was nothing new.

“He had a real good outing and he struggled tonight; he’s done that before,” manager Buck Showalter said of Tillman, who has posted back-to-back-quality outings just once in 38 Major League starts, dating back in 2009. “That’s why when guys always try to put everything in a little tight box like where he’s putting his foot or where he’s taking his hands out. This is a lot more than just mechanical things.”

Showalter speaks with Peterson frequently and did again on Wednesday to talk about the latest progress from Brian Matusz and Jake Arrieta, who are in Triple-A Norfolk working with Peterson and pitching coach Mike Griffin.

“Peterson, he’s been great,” Showalter said of the hire which was made by Duquette this winter.  “He’s engaged. We’ve put him in a tough spot with moving pitchers around too. But when we take these pitchers, somebody’s got to move. He’s involved in a lot of those decisions, we’re lucky to have somebody with the experience he has  not only there but in the major leagues. With some of the pitching prospects we’re excited about to have that type of instruction and continuity. We’ve been lucky because Rick is a commodity.

There are so many ways to do things, and what you find out is that everybody for the most part is talking about the same thing. It’s just sometimes different approach and different terminology and different things click with different players. It’s been good. It’s been very consistent and the players have seemed to embrace it.”

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