Orioles @ Twins

Nick Markakis RF
J.J. Hardy SS
Jim Thome DH
Adam Jones CF
Matt Wieters C
Mark Reynolds 1B
Chris Davis LF
Wilson Betemit 3B
Ryan Flaherty 2B

Zach Britton LHP

Denard Span CF
Ben Revere RF
Joe Mauer C
Josh Willingham LF
Justin Morneau 1B
Trevor Plouffe 3B
Ryan Doumit DH
Brian Dozier SS
Jamey Carroll 2B

Sam Deduno RHP


Unlike many I never saw this as a year for playoffs. That said I do think 500 plus is very real. Injuries have hurt this goal. But the worse thing to resolve is Defense. Defense and Pitching go together and win championships. A quality pitcher is diffused by poor defense. So defense is the foundation with all the others following. Can you do some research? I would love to know the number of runs to score after and Oriole error? I would specifically like to know the number of runs to score and games lost when Betimet and Reynolds commit errors? Yes I have a point and yeas it became a visual to me in late May to start to realize that our goals depend on replacing these two. Please if you can you can the information can you do this?? If I am wrong okay, but I think between them I can point to an easy 12 games for their failed defensive skills.
I think young pitching is unduly pressured when they know our defense is an Adventure when the batter hit the ball. So do they think they need to strike out or have a perfect game?

It’s not just the errors they make. It’s the balls they should get to standing up but, have to dive for and normally don’t come up with. They don’t get charged errors for those but, hurts the team all the same. And JJ Hardy still in the 2 hole??! I love JJ. but, come on. make an adjustment. It’s obvious these cats mailed it in.

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