Hammel exits with right knee injury

Jason Hammel exited early from Friday’s start against the Tigers in the top of the fourth inning when he appeared to injure his right knee on a pitch to Brennan Boesch. The Orioles announced he would be reevaluated further on Saturday.

Hammel, who had his right knee drained on Sunday, hopped up and grimaced after throwing a ball on a 1-2 pitch to the Detroit right fielder. Manager Buck Showalter and the training staff immediately came out to check on Hammel, who initially looked as if he had hurt his left knee. They spoke with him for a few minutes, and Hammel tried to throw a few practice pitches, but they decided to pull Hammel at that point and he walked off without help.

This could cause more problems for a Baltimore pitching staff that’s been hurting in recent weeks. Hammel already had to deal with problems in his right knee earlier this season, working his way through soreness. If Hammel’s out, it would hurt the Orioles, as he’s been the team’s top starter this year. He was one of the five finalists for the last spot on the American League All-Star team and came into this game with a record of 8-5 and a 3.47 ERA.



The club has hung tough all year through adversity but it’s starting to feel like Buck is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. You absolutely cannot hide behind substandard starting pitching.

I agree. they need to make a move to require another arm, even if it’s a middle of the rotation type. Get some dependable innings, somehow.

Might as well light Gausman pitch at this point. We need a trade…badly

Britt can someone please explain why on God’s green earth Hardy and Thome are batting 2-3 in the lineup?

As Buck would say.. as opposed to who? There’s not a lot of other options. The O’s are going to have to hope that those two –among others — get hot.

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