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The Orioles took two of three from the Philadelphia Phillies and have won back-to-back series, a nice rebound from a tough stretch that included four consecutive series losses prior to that.

But as well as the team is playing –or maybe because of it — there’s lots of questions regarding the pitching staff, guys on the disabled list and where this team goes moving forward. I’m working up an inbox for for Monday’s off day, so if you have any questions send them my way. Email and be sure to include your name and hometown.

Hopefully, it’ll will provide some clarity to some of  your more frequently-asked questions.

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Hi Britt, Mike from Bel Air ,Md, The team is playing as a very tight knit group very supportive of each other from starters to subs. What effect do you think Roberts return will have if they ship out anybody but Gregg and Roberts doesn’t play well while cutting down on Andino’s playing time. Not sure I would risk all the havoc that is coming just to bring back a 34yr old concussion victim when he may not be able to play at the major league level anymore and disrupt the entire ball club with all the moves you have to make with Andino in the infield and outfield that affects so many other players. The team chemistry is solid now. Bringing Roberts back as a starter may just cause a lot of animosity. Do you think Roberts at 3rd and Andino at 2nd makes more sense. We do need better D at 3rd and less stress on B-Rob. Looking forward to your opinion. Just my observations from 58 yrs. of loving the game of baseball and the O’s. O’s 4ever

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