Markakis on his surgery and recovery

Orioles right fielder Nick Markakis was in the clubhouse this afternoon, after undergoing surgery to remove the right hamate bone from his wrist in Sarasota this morning, and the 28-year-old –who wore a sling– was in relatively good spirits, joking with teammates and speaking at length with the handful of reporters who made the trip.

Markakis plans on staying to watching tonight’s series-opener against the Tampa Bay Rays, as well as the following two games, and he will revisit Dr. Brian Schofield on Monday to remove the gauge and a lot of the bandaging he has on his hand. There are stitches in the area now and Markakis said he wasn’t experiencing any numbness or tingling in the area, before or after the surgery. As for his timetable, Markakis –who is expected to rehab in Sarasota at the team’s extended spring facility — said he’s hopeful he can rejoin the team for a nine-game homestand that starts June 22.

“It’s frustrating given the timing of it,” Markakis said of his first career trip to the disabled list. “I think it’s more disappointment. With all I’ve been through in the offseason trying to get myself back in the Opening Day lineup  and for this to happen. I’d say it’s more disappointing. But you look around this clubhouse we have a great group of guys, we have a lot of firepower in that lineup. So I think they will be alright for a couple weeks without me, and the guys filling in are going to do their job and I’ll be here to support them, I’ll be watching them. I’m still part of this, and we will take it from there.”

There is a varied rehab timetable for the surgery, anywhere from 3-6 weeks or more, and Markakis said he will approach his rehab feverishly just like he did this winter after undergoing abdominal surgery.

“There’s several different injuries you can have to a hamate and on my hamate bone, they call it the hook of the hamate bone,” he said.  “I don’t necessarily know if you need that bone. Obviously you don’t because they took it out. There was no structural damage to the rest of my hamate bone, so there’s no healing process in there. When the doc went in there, he said everything looks great in there and no other injuries. It’s just a matter of healing up and getting these stitches off.”

“I definitely want to be back as quick as possible,” Markakis said. “This injury’s a little disappointing because I know what I had to do in Spring Training and the beginning of the season all the way up to now to kind of get my strength and get my feet back under me [in recovering from abdominal surgery]. But the good thing is, I’ll still be able to run and I’ll be able to lift my legs and I’ll still be able to throw. I’ll be able to do everything except swing. It’s not the worst thing in the world. I’ll get through it and I’ll get through it as quick as possible.”

Markakis said he suffered the original injury about a few weeks ago on a slide and he just continued to play. Tuesday night’s final at-bat in Toronto he felt something tweak and knew it wasn’t good, which is what prompted the team to discover the break. Up until then, Markakis figured it was just regular wear and tear that he could deal with.

“I was able to take 100 percent swings and I think I stress fractured it on that slide, and the past couple weeks I was playing with it and that one swing just kind of finished it off,” said Markakis, who has played in at least 160 games the past three seasons. “That hook on my hamate bone just cracked in half, so they cut me open and removed that bone. There’s no healing process for the bone or anything. Whenever I get my stitches out and my wound heals, it’s up to me and how I feel. Get some movement back in my hand and I’ll be ready to go.”


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