Jones extension quotes

I’ll have a full story up later on, but here are a few quotes from this afternoon’s press conference announcing the six-year, 85.5 million extension for center fielder Adam Jones. Those in attendance included players Nick Markakis, Robert Andino, J.J. Hardy, and Jake Arrieta along with Jones agent, mother and girlfriend.


[opening statement] Today every member of the organization can take pride in a job well done, the fact that Adam will stay in Baltimore and will continue building the winning team is a testament to what all these (organizational) members have done.
Thank you to Adam’s mom, Andrea Bradley, you should be very proud of your son today, As they say, ‘he done good.’” To have a great team in Baltimore, we have to find and keep players like Adam, players that are willing to make the sacrifices for the team and do the little things that we all know helps teams win games. This commitment by the Orioles reflects the fact that Adam Jones is more than a fine player. He’s a leader in our community and he’s a winner. He has heart, and his work in the community makes clear that his heart is in the right place.

[on what this says to the fans] “We are committed to having a winning team and one of the keys to have a winning team year in and year out is to have players in your lineup that…Adam Jones stabilizes our team. He goes to the post every day. He goes out there…Here’s a player that can help us on both sides of the ball. He’s 26 years old and he’s a fixture in the community. So we are telling Oriole fans we are committed to this player, we are committed to putting a winning team on the field and we are committed to providing hope to rebuilding our fan base.”

[relief?] “It’s a great baseball city, it’s coming back, we got to prove to the fans that we are for real now. We are slowing doing it but I think this is a big step in that right direction…That’s the ultimate reason I signed on…they believe in winning.”

[on when he knew he wanted to stay on for six years] “I was sure a while ago. It’s a long commitment, six years, it’s along time. But I’ve been here for five. It’s making me, not necessarily a life-long Oriole, but sure leading in that direction…I just appreciate the opportunity that’s what it’s all about. I took advantage of the opportunity to play here in Baltimore and never looked back.”

[no trade provision] “Makes it a lot easier.”

[team, organization wants to win?] “That helped out a lot but the big reason that helped me out is you see a lot of different guys in free agency go and switch team, I think me here. I fit here in this city. I fit here on this team, I fit in at Camden Yards. I really don’t see myself wearing another white uniform that doesn’t have Orioles across the chest. After I put that in perspective of what, if I won here, if we win here this is my championship, this is our championship. I’m not part of someone else’s championship.

Putting that in perspective, that makes me even hungrier to win. As a competitor that’s all I want is [to] beat the odds…Here we can really beat the odds and I do want to be a part of it.”

[On his growing community effort] “I enjoy helping out this kids because they are great kids and everyone needs a window of opportunity. Someone gave me a small window of opportunity and I climbed in. I just try to help out as much as I can.
I definitely want to make my mark on this city and be known as someone who is going to go out there and play hard every day on the field and go out there in the community and try 100 percent to make a difference.”

“Everyone knows I’m not from Baltimore, but this is now my town.”

[on having Jones for six more years] “Adam understands the responsibility that comes along with the commitment, he doesn’t run from that. And I trust him. Believe me, he interviews us a little too. He doesn’t want to be around something that’s not going to be worthy of the effort that he’s going to put in. And a lot of people feel that way in our clubhouse and I think Adam shares a kinship with our players.

Adam gets a lot of things that people his age don’t get about what’s reality and what’s not reality and what they do for a living. So it’s exciting for me and, more importantly his teammates and the fans. He’s got a chance to continue to do the things [he’s been doing]. Everything he’s gotten he deserves. Because he’s done what you are supposed to.”
[on building a core in Baltimore] “It’s to be continued. I think everyone here is driven to put something together that stands the test of time.

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