Showalter on Jones

Asked how he would feel about Adam Jones getting a contract extension –which has been the main topic in Baltimore today as the two sides are close — manager Buck Showalter said he would just be happy to write Jones’ name in the lineup for a long time.

“I’m proud of the way Adam has gone about his business as far as playing hard and it’s important to Adam that the Orioles do well,” Showalter said. “He’s pretty sincere.

I’ve heard [contract] length, but I haven’t heard dollars, I don’t really care to hear. That’s a heck of commitment by our ownership which is a commitment by our fans too. So we will see…I’m not going to break it down, I’m just going to be  excited to write his name in the lineup.”

Showalter has consistently praised Jones since his arrival for his hard-nosed play and hustle, and the O’s manager endorsed keeping the 26-year-old in Baltimore for the foreseeable future.

“If you can grasp how the game is supposed to be approached from an effort standpoint, a lot of things open up to you,” he said. “There are different risks in everything in life; I think in this case the risk is not doing it. Especially with what he can potentially mean to this city, this fanbase and to his teammates. It’s important.

Adam and I have an open relationship to a fault. We can say about anything to each other and know that there’s a pure heart about it. It’s about the Orioles and what’s best for us. There’s a lot of give and take there, but at the end of the day I think he respects what we are trying to do here.”

Jones has made it no secret that he enjoys playing for Showalter and he prides himself on playing the game the way it was intended.

“Buck treats us like men,” Jones said. “As a man, I think it’s my obligation to the fans, to the city of Baltimore, to the owners, to my teammates, to go out there and give three hours and play my [butt] off. I think that’s the easy part. I think the hardest part is playing the game. [Yankees captain Derek] Jeter told me this numerous times, ‘Don’t ever stop hustling. Don’t ever stop hustling. You hit the ball you got four seconds to get down the line.'”

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This season is and should be about one thing and one thing only. WINNING. While it would be terrific to sign players like Adam Jones, Matt Weiters, Andino, Hammel etc. etc I would rather read about victories and the reasons why we won. Keep the business of baseball where it belongs, in the business office and out of the press. The game,team,players and fans would be better off. Unfortunately the media, which assumes I/we need to know everything about everybody, are the only ones that really need to write about the business and private lives of these professsional athletes. In my day ,many years ago we called these people busy bodies, nosy neighbors and nobiody really liked them. Too Much Information, much of which was inaccurate,mis-communicated rumor or lies. While some truth was talked about it usually was private matters and people including the media should respect that. The don’t. They use the constitution as an end all be all for the right to free speech. I believe in the constitution and free speech. I don’t believe people/media should mind other people’s business to make a buck. Prostituting yourself for money to disrespect people’s right to privacy is disgusting and more importantly NONE OF ANYBODIES BUSINESS BUT THEIR OWN. How different it would be if the Sports professionals would have their own private media investigators who expose every flaw of every media person and their families problems. Is their one person in the media who has nothing to hide. Doubtful. However we don’t read about their drug problems, kids problems, parents back grounds, siblings money problems etc.
But it is okay for those who call themselves media to do this without permission to anyone they want to focus on. Like my Dad once said, MIND YOUR BUSINESS GET A REAL JOB , TREAT PEOPLE LIKE YOU WANT TO BE TREATED, WITH RESPECT FOR OTHERS AND THEIR NEIGHBORS.
Play ball and report the game, the game, the plays, the hits, the runs, the errors and the results. Wishful thinking. Their will always be others who want/like to profit from other people’s misfortunes. Go O’s Win Win Win

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