Reimold likely to get second epidural

Nolan Reimold hasn’t been progressing as quickly as the organization had hoped and the outfielder is likely headed for a second epidural injection in his spine, which could happen later this week, to help aid his recovery from a herniated disk in his neck.

Reimold was examined by neck specialist Dr. Lee Riley and said following Monday’s game that he’s leaning toward getting another shot, although there’s no guarantee it will speed things up.

“There’s a lot better chance it would help with the pain than it would help with the weakness and the numbness,” said Reimold, who is more concerned with the latter two issues, which have been frustratingly slow to resolve. Asked if there was anything that could be down for the numbness that runs up his left shoulder, Reimold said it’s just a matter of giving the injury time.

“I got a nice traction table in there,” Reimold said, gesturing toward the team training room.  “I do that a couple times a day. I started working out a few days ago. Try to keep myself in the best shape I can so when I am able to come back I’m not too far gone, too far out of shape. So, I do everything I can to keep myself going.”

Reimold last played April 30 and –while his timetable is very uncertain – he’s not expected to return until at least mid-June at this point. Asked if he was going to take some time before making a definite decision on getting the epidural, Reimold said,  “[Riley’s] going to schedule it. If something happens, I can always cancel but I’m probably going to get it.”

Reimold was hitting .313 with five homers and 10 RBIs in 16 games before hitting the DL.

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