Yankees throw some kudos the Orioles’ way

The Orioles ended a tough 15-game stretch 9-6 –taking series from Boston, New York and Tampa Bay in the process — as this team continues to get contributions up and down the roster despite some key injuries. But Tuesday night belonged almost exclusively to starter Wei-Yin Chen, who flummoxed the Yankees over seven innings and allowed only a two-run homer to Curtis Granderson in the 5-2 win.

Afterwards, the Yankees had some high praise for Chen and an Oriole club that is turning heads around baseball, improving to 23-14 and staying tied with the Rays for first-place in the AL East.

“He’s sneaky,” Yankees captain Derek Jeter said of Chen, who improved to 3-0 with a 1.98 ERA in his first four home starts. “It’s not like he’s throwing changeups like [Jamie] Moyer, you know what I’m saying? He gets it up there 91, 92. He hits his spots. He knows how to pitch. It’s a little unfair to say he’s not overpowering because he mixes in his offspeed stuff and his fastball gets up there pretty good. He knows what he’s doing.

“Evidently, he has been pitching well against everyone. I don’t think today was a surprise, at least for them. He has pitched pretty well. If I recall, I think he pitched well against us the first time too. I think he pitched well. He’s been doing that since the season started so he knows what he’s doing.”

Said Yankees manager Joe Girardi: “He’s got four pitches he can go to. He can locate to both sides of the plate, It seems his fastball is a little sneaky.”

“They’re a much improved team,” Girardi said of the Orioles. “Much improved. Their pitching has improved dramatically and that’s a big difference.”

Yankees ace CC Sabathia, who suffered his first loss of the season, has also been impressed with how Baltimore has come on in the season’s first month-and-a-half.

“They’ve been good,” Sabathia said. “They played us tough even that first series here. Every game was grind-it-out tough even yesterday. So, that’s a really good team over there.”


High praise indeed for the both Chen and the Mighty O’s! Hope the team can stay focused against Kansas City. This is a long, taxing flight to play two games over an 18 hour period, with a long flight back to Baltimore to begin Interleague play where we lose our DH in National League parks. Another mountain to climb, but if we continue to play .600 ball we’ll be in good shape by the time we return to our AL foes.

Awesome night for Wen. I do have one question though… Who pied Wen (and JJ for that matter) last night? I saw it, but for the life of me I can’t remember who it was.

Chen said it was Luis Ayala, who was also the culprit for his first W in Chicago. –Britt

Chen pitched a great game last night and seems to be getting stronger with each start – wonderful pick up Mr. Duquette. I was looking at the schedule the other day and I thought of a question. In the Japanese leagues, do the pitchers hit or do they use the DH like here in the A.L.? I just wondered because Chen will have to hit here in the interleague games. We know his arm is really good – how’s his bat?

Another day we can bask in the sunshine of first place. I almost forgot what it was like. It used to be an everyday thing back in the 60’s, 70’s 80’s and 90’s. That’s what I want back. The days when 1st place was the norm not the exception. Keep winning guys cause I would really like to see another world series in Baltimore before I die. Hurry up times running out. This year would be good. O’s 4ever

now to see the new york yankees a team that knows what its like to be in the top of the AL EAST standings is now giving the orioles credit now thats what i call a good team and good sportsmenship especially coming from a whole entire baseball team and derek jeter and sabthia and their head coach are all correct on the orioles and how much they improved and how much chen’s fastball is really sneaky even myself as an orioles fan have seen chen pitched in his debut and trust me that man’s fastball is no freakin joke what so ever and im hopin the orioles finish the year strong and try to get to the playoffs for the first time in 14 seasons and end the drought of being in dead last of the AL EAST division cus that is not an easy division to win at all cus u got 4 good teams they must go through to win it all and its really and i do mean really tough.

What’s the world coming to when Baltimore get’s a compliment from the Yankees. You can keep your compliments NY we’ll take the Wins. Enjoy 4th place you look good there. Not as good as the 1st place O’s but not as bad as the Boston Red Sox. LOL I hope the baseball Gods keep shining their light on the O’s the rest of the season. Keep reporting all the O’s news and great articles. Loving my Orioles for 58 years hasn’t been this much fun in a long long time. Can’t wait to wake up in the morning and check the standings to make sure I wasn’t dreaming the night before. O’s 4ever

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