Tejada to sign contract Tuesday

Miguel Tejada passed his physical at the team’s extended spring facility in Sarasota, Fla on Monday and he will sign a contract to rejoin the organization for a third time on Tuesday. Tejada will work out in Florida for the foreseeable future, and according to executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette, will be put on a program there to get back in baseball shape.

The 37-year-old Tejada last played with the Orioles in 2010, with time in San Diego and San Francisco after that.



Don’t understand this move by the FO at all. Tejada is too closely associated with the losing Orioles teams of the past and is no longer the most fleet of fielders. Would make more sense, to me anyway, to have Reynolds alternate between 1B and DH with Davis and let Flaherty try out at 3B. If Brian Roberts returns, let Andino play 3B.

I think this move was pointless i think the orioles should have went after brandon inge to play third base while reynolds, davis, betemit, flaherty rotate at first base, DH, and left field. why not just trade for a third baseman or move andino to third and bring up schoop or machado to play second. i think roberts is done and he getting like 12 million to get old we can use that money elsewhere ie. an extension to adam jones contract

Tejada worth a shot if you get rid of Chavez. Rather see Brian Roberts on 3rd and Keep Andino on 2nd. He is the most consistent player on the team at a very high level. No need to disrupt your 2nd baseman of the next 10 years for an 34 yr. old concussed player who may or may not make it back. I would love to see him make it back but at 3rd where there is less chance of him getting hurt. He would not have to worry about runners coming hard to 2nd to break up double plays. No jumping and twisting and not as much activity as third. Just reaction plays for the most part. Solves two problems. 1. Good fielding 3rd baseman. 2. A good leadoff hitter. Most importantly it does not disrupt the rest of the team. It makes it clear that Brian is not the 2nd baseman and he is helping the team more at 3rd. Now playing 3rd base Brian Roberts. I like it.

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