Reflecting on last night & Arrieta ready to get back on track

*There was lots to like about last night’s 7-1 win, and you can read all about Brian Matusz’s best start since 2010 –which gave way to manager Buck Showalter’s 1,000th career victory — here. columnists Matt Leach and Marty Noble were also on hand, with Leach writing about the O’s hot start to the season and Noble reflecting on Showalter’s milestone.

*Jake Arrieta will take the mound tonight for the Orioles in the series finale looking to get back on track. He didn’t complete six innings in either of his last two starts despite doing so in each of his first three, and he’s seen his ERA climb from 2.66 to 4.45 in the process.

“It comes down to making in-game adjustments,” Arrieta said of his recent struggles. “It’s self inflicted. There’s situations where, I wouldn’t say it’s concentration I would say being aware of what I have to do to make my job easier. Because I feel like I am my own worst enemy out there sometimes. when it comes to making the adjustment mechanically out there that I need to make, I just let it slip away.

Nothing was really crisp in my last start, but I still had usable pitches to pitch seven innings, there’s no question about that. It’s a just a matter of translating it now. Especially games where i don’t have my best stuff, knowing that I’m still capable of pitching deep in the game to get my team a win.”

Arrieta is 1-2 with a 4.45 ERA on the year but just 0-1 with a 5.73 ERA in two starts on the road. The right-hander started against the Yankees on April 11, giving up four runs on five hits and a walk while striking out five. On the heels of a pair of back-to-back quality outings from Jason Hammel and Brian Matusz, Arrieta is eager to pitch up to his capability.

“It’s frustrating having two starts in a row where a couple at-bats changed the whole complexion of the outing,” Arrieta said. “So I think eliminating situations like that is something I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. Just keeping my foot on the gas, and when I have it set up to put certain guys away, finish the job and don’t let guys continue to foul balls off and get into hitter-friendly counts. Just maintain that aggression.”

*Also a quick correction in regards to Nolan Reimold’s injury. The media was told yesterday it was a bulging disk in his back, but it’s actually in Reimold’s neck, cervical spine. That’s the area he’s been dealing with spasms. You can read more about the treatment and timeline for Reimold –who could rejoin the team on Friday — here. I’ve already been asked a few times if this news is better or worse, and I’d say it’s definitely better given that he had neck spasms before that. To have a separate back issue would be more alarming and, at this point, the main thing is to get down the swelling and manage the pain with some anti-inflammatory medication.

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Just throw the ball and stop over thinking every pitch. Whatever Matt calls throw. Beat the Yanks today Jake, we need to win these series against teams in our division to stay on top. Time to shut them out for 9 innings. How about a 10-0 spanking of the Yanks tonight. O’s4ever.

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