Matusz, Anderson make hospital visit

Teaming-up with the Casey Cares Foundation yesterday, Orioles pitcher Brian Matusz and special assistant Brady Anderson visited sick children in the pediatric oncology clinic at the Herman and Walter Samuelson Children’s Hospital at Sinai.  (Click the photo above for a larger shot.)

Staying several hours, they took their time to talk to each of the patients, autographing and distributing over 200 t-shirts, bandanas and pins to the children and their siblings while giving them words of encouragement. The Casey Cares Foundation provides uplifting programs with a special touch to critically ill children and their families.  To learn more, visit


Very nice. Way to go O’s. Share the love with the kids.

Orioles got heart!

With all the “big bucks” these players make now days, more of them should do things like this for the kids – such as visits and donations of time and “money”. The children are the next generation of “fans” and it wouldn’t hurt the players one bit to give back. There are so many in need of love, caring and help and it seems so few that can “really afford it” that want to or do give back. I know this would never fly but how about a clause in major leaguers contracts requiring that they donate something to those in need. Have a heart guys – a little bit would never hurt you.

Have missed your daily e-mails with regard to the starting line ups a few hours prior to game time. Assume that you are taking a few vacation days.

Keep up the good work.


Thanks, tom. Yes, I went to see my dad for a few days and will rejoin the team Sunday night in New York for the roadtrip. –Britt

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