Martin accuses Andino of stealing pitch location

Orioles infielder Robert Andino and Yankees catcher Russell Martin exchanged heated words after the ninth inning ended in Monday’s 6-2 O’s loss. The exchange was brought about because Martin accused Andino, who had a one-out double, of  stealing signs from second base. Andino, who was not available for comment in the Orioles’ clubhouse, took offense took to Martin’s words, which centered on him stealing the location of Yankees closer Mariano Rivera’s pitches.

Martin didn’t directly answer what went on and Yankees manager Joe Girardi dismissed the tiff as that “boys were being boys,” although players from both sides confirmed that pitch-stealing was indeed the root of the argument.

“I don’t remember what happened at the end there,” Martin sad. “A little yapping session towards the end. Nothing crazy.”

Martin did admit that he spoke first in the exchange and said he has never had an issue with Andino before Monday night. Asked if that would be any carry over into Tuesday, Martin said:  “Maybe it’ll make it more exciting, I don’t know…I can’t predict the future. It’s fun. It’s baseball, there’s emotions flying and stuff. What else can I say?”

This is the first time Martin has gotten into a public argument over sign-stealing with an individual player. Last July in Toronto he was upset that the Blue Jays appeared to be stealing signs and tipping pitches and spoke publicly about the issue.

All Martin would say Monday, however was that maybe Andino didn’t like the look he gave him.

“I think he was inviting me to a sparring session next offseason,” Martin joked. “I don’t know. I’ll get his number. We’ll talk it over later.”


I really enjoy your insight and reporting Britt. I saw the O’s in Sarasota last year, and felt like I was there again this year (minus the warm weather!). Great job, and thanks!

hey orioles because you cant beat the yankees , dont start stealing signs . this is a pathic team , whats more pathic is people showing up to watch these loosers. the only way you force the godfather angloes to put a winning team on the field, by going to nationals games or support phillies. as long you support this garbage ownership you will never see a winning team . i like to see fans protest in front of camnden yards demaning angloes to field a winner or get out of town , that way we can get another team with a owner who wants to win.

go davey

It seems that the O’s are still in awe of the Yanks and are afraid to take the game to their opponent. IMHO the O’s should have won this game 4-3 when Markakis had a chance to throw out Cano in the 6th. Markais did not play the fly ball with his momentum moving in when he made the catch. Standing in one spot and only using his arm he almost got the out at home. With a little momentum coming in I know he would have nailed him at the plate. Tommy Lasorta once said ” your team in a season is going to win 54 games, going to lose 54 games, but it’s what you do in the remaining 54 games is what makes your season a success or failure. The O’s had a chances to win one of those 54 last night and blew it.

Jenna – Gorgeous!! And that doesn’t even come close to explaining how beutfiual these are! Mom, you did a phenomenal job love them! And aren’t Erika and Matt great?! So glad you had such a fantastic shoot.

Hey Kenneth Mosetti,…..wait you’re not worth the time

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